The Cameras I use

I have a tendency to refer to my cameras somewhat obliquely at times, alternately using only the make or model designation. This is confusing to readers of course, so here’s a little reference guide to be ignored at your leisure.

Nikon P610: 16MP ‘bridge’ camera with astounding 60X (4.3 – 258mm equal to 24 – 1440mm on a 35mm camera) zoom lens. This is my ‘main’ camera as it handles most of the photography I do. 101_2085

Canon EOS Rebel T100: 18MP DSLR with interchangeable lenses. The ‘kit’ lenses are 18-55mm and 55-250mm zooms and somewhat disappointing. This is my ‘experimenting’ camera and I often use it with old Pentax Super Takumar lenses from my Spotmatic 35mm SLR kit. It is better at certain types of specialized photography than the Nikon is. DSCN1611


Fujifilm FinePix F80 EXR: 12MP point-and-shoot with 10X zoom. This is the camera that has replaced the venerable Kodak V1003. Bought used, it worked right out of the box – and very well indeed. Fits in my shirt pocket so I can take it with me anywhere, anytime. The unique EXR function “dials down” the effective sensor pixels to 6MP to improve the image – like using a larger sensor albeit with fewer pixels.


Canon PowerShot G11: 10MP point-and-shoot with 5X zoom. Purchased because it was an incredible bargain, and I felt it would add to my repertoire as a “Street Photography” camera. It almost instantly proved capable not only in that capacity but also as an “Artistic Photography” tool. The CCD image sensor and excellent automatic functions render wonderfully film-like images. Larger than the Fuji, it is still easy enough to take along most places. Aside from the difference in zoom length, this is the camera the Lumix should have been.

Olympus E-410: 10MP four thirds camera (not to be confused with micro four thirds). Although this camera with its limited lens availability has no specific purpose in my line-up, I find it is quite capable of taking many kinds of shots and is simply enjoyable to use. I wish I could get the longest available zoom as it is quite good at nature pictures.

Olympus E-410 and lenses.

No longer in use:

Kodak P850: 5MP ‘bridge’ camera with 12X zoom, which was very good specs for the year it came out (2005). Once this was my ‘main’ camera, it had been resurrected with a new battery for take-along shooting. However its functions are erratic now and I can no longer count on it to get a shot. You might say it’s been relegated to ‘artistic use only’.DSCN1073

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS60: 18MP point-and-shoot with 30X zoom. I bought this to replacing the ailing Kodak V1003. It took me ages to get the settings adjusted to where I like the results it produces. Even so, the lens is not as sharp as it should be (it does not deserve to wear the ‘Leica’ name) and the sensor does not resolve well. It’s more of an ‘artistic’ camera than a ‘documentary’ one. I may sell this one as it doesn’t really fulfill my needs.


Kodak V1003: 10MP point-and-shoot with 3X zoom. This I carry in my coat pocket almost all the time in case I see something I need to get a picture of and I’m not lugging the larger cameras with me. Regrettably it is failing in both the LCD and sensor, yet it still can take some surprisingly good pictures. Unfortunately it has become operationally unreliable.DSCN1970

Nikon W100: 13MP point-and-shoot with 8X zoom. Waterproof model. Bought to replace the Kodak V1003 but it does not perform as well under typical conditions. I rarely use this and have yet to try out its waterproof claim. NikW100

If in the future I find something else worth adding to the mix I’ll update this page. So far I haven’t found anything that would really enhance my photography experience.