Game on!

Today’s match-up is between the Mostly Yellows and the Mainly Blacks:

Team Yellow.
Team Black.
Officiating the match: Mr. Orange.
They’re on the field. Play has started!
Team Yellow celebrates its victory.

Yeah, I’m not a good sports photographer.

Chaos? Yeah, we got that.

Work in progress.

Well my work crew showed up Thursday night and Friday we got right into it. This mostly involves moving messes from one place to another in hopes they will somehow magically become smaller messes. So far, no.

The good thing about having young and strong people to help is that they can do in two hours what it would take me two weeks to do. The bad thing about having young and strong people to help is that they can do in two hours what it would take me two weeks to do. In other words staying ahead of them is difficult. I’m about 3X the age of one of them and 4X the other, and it shows.

So while they wait for grandpa to shift things into slots they get to go trail riding and fishing and cutting up trees and getting a truck wedged in the woods … That last part was wrong, wasn’t it? If someone had asked I could have told him it wouldn’t fit; that trail wasn’t made wide enough for full-size vehicles, just ATVs.

Anyway, over-all the plan is working.

Extent of the damage, so far.

As you can see from that photo the road out here is still rough. But only one reinforcing plate broke off, and I should be able to grind & weld it back in place. Trailer certainly tows better now. Although my visitors report that the road is getting worse because yes indeed it looks like logging is starting on the hill up behind here, and that means heavy trucks pounding the gravel into potholes.

After getting this batch sorted there’s a couple of piles of debris from the reno waiting to be shifted into different piles in another location. It sounds ridiculous but it’s how it has to be done: pile up, sort through, shift to different places, and slowly whittle down the heaps into useful material and trash for the dump.

We’ll get there. Eventually.

Bucky says: “Oh my goodness! What next?”

Something for Saturday

There’s this fellow named Chuck Miller who writes about stuff and posts photos, and every weekend he puts up a list of various blogs he follows. For some inexplicable reason my deteriorating blog is among those listed. As such I like to have something decent for that link to be to rather than my usual blurred images and drivel. After all I don’t want to be responsible for dragging down the quality of Chuck’s postings. This week my own have been a bit dreadful, so here some pictures somewhat more enjoyable (I think) to keep the standards up.

I see you there.

This was a particularly large bear who stopped by at the lake a while back. In general bears are not a problem, as long as you don’t threaten or challenge them (by their standards, not yours). I think this is the one who would not back down from my neighbour when they met up. Usually bears will run away from humans. Except grizzlies and polars, both of which are homicidal.

A butterfly

One of many that come out on the rare days the sun shines.

Old computer having even more function fits: it’s time to finish setting up the new one.

Meanwhile much work is being done on the cabin, and I actually managed to complete one part of the big project. I think.

There is still much to do.

A buck

Mule deer buck

You never know what will wander into the yard.

Meanwhile it’s time to get back to work, despite the recent resurgence of problems.

This may not be such a good idea, even with a bottle of nitro brought along.

A bear

Black bear on the road to the cabin

This bear was browsing and not inclined to wander off. I inched the Nissan ever closer, taking photos along the way, until he decided the Xterra was bigger than him and galloped into the woods.

The amazing thing here is getting this post up at all, as the computer has been having fits of failure and I really can’t replace it. So I have been missing other people’s posts and comments and just ‘bearly’ managing to communicate with home as I continue working on the cabin.