Not geas

Looked out the window early one morning and saw this odd-looking “stick” down by the lake:

Nature’s golf club?

It didn’t move for some time, so I snuck out the door and quietly made my way towards the shore. There I found this family of geese:

Heading out to sea.

I’m sure they’re the same ones who had visited before, and may even be nesting on the lake. What kind of geese are they?

Silhouette in the early morning light.

Canadian geese, of course!

(You can just see the tell-tale marking on the face.)

Finally back to the cabin

What with one thing and another (especially weather) it has taken me quite some time to get back out in the woods and pick up where I left off rather suddenly last fall.

Yes that’s snow.

Not only was there still snow in the dark shadows and along the road edge, but the road itself was like a lunar surface – after a heavy artillery barrage. The first 4 kilometers could best be described as “shredded”. After that … well they were grading the one section known for staying flat, hard, and smooth so I guess that explains it. No one told them they’re supposed to do the bumpy bits.

Think of it as ready-to-slice firewood.

Although not actually blocking my route, there are plenty of trees down. Again. Some of it will be fine firewood, other bits are just in the way. The notorious “new path” between the two routes is blocked again, as it is every year. Eventually there will be no trees left on that triangle of land.

Dock? Not any more.

Although the lake was not as high this year as last, it has done some damage. As of my arrival the wind was too choppy to put the water line out (I have no desire to be knocked over by a wave and drowned, or even just doused). Perhaps I can get to that tomorrow. When it’s supposed to snow. Spring? Not ’round here, mate!

Mr. & Mrs. Goldeneye (it’s a kind of waterfowl).

I brought along only two cameras this time: the venerable (if cantankerous) Nikon P610 and the Canon 1Ds (to try it out on landscape shots). The weather is cloudy so I didn’t get any beautiful snow-capped mountain pictures on the way in. Besides I forgot my concocted CF card reader so I can’t off-load from the Canon. I also forgot the micro SD adapter so I can’t check the video from my new toy:

New & cheap action/dashcam.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Other than snow, I mean. I have a huge amount of work to do all over the place here. Again. But at least nothing got destroyed over the Winter.

Another round

Well Wednesday was a day, make no mistake. In fact it was a day and a half. Maybe even two days. It was longer than normal in ‘up hours’ and more full of activity than I would like.

I went out to the cabin, and on the way there was greeted with this:

Blown Down

Quite a large blow-down of trees on the road. Fortunately someone else had already been cutting them off and I was able to drive through, or rather over some of the smaller bits to one side. This is what happens when it rains a lot and the wind blows and the trees have shallow roots like conifers do. Also when someone has done some not-quite-to-spec logging up behind them.

Anyway I got out there and got the batteries changed so the power is back up to normal. I also managed to get the water system up and running, although there’s a couple of leaks to be seen to. I heard a lot of birds, but it may have just been this trickster putting me on:

Another Raven

If it was, he’s very talented.

Probably wasn’t a safe day to go out on the lake, as this sea monster was sunning itself out there:

Sea Serpent

Great, spiny thing leftover from the age of dinosaurs. They eat boats, you know.

Of course a day without art is a day without art, so here’s some art:

Water Abstract

The Beetles stopped by to entertain:

100% Beetles

Anyhow, I’m one (hopefully) day’s work away from being able to take the trailer out there and set up camp. And then really start working.

Or maybe spend more time trying to take pictures of birds.


Moody on Monday

It got cloudy Saturday when I was out working at the cabin. It started raining while I was on my way home. It rained Sunday. Gray days, gray days. No bright and beautiful sunshine to work with, so work with the gray.

Mt. Timothy
Canadian Bald Eagle
The eagle keeps circling
In the ominous sky
This is the third time I’ve accidentally created this ‘superimposed’ effect
Mercury Sea Shipwreck

There’s more work to be done out there. Always more work to be done. But it can wait for a sunny day.

Letchworth State Park, NY

Some more from the archives. These prints date back to the 1970s, and I’m pretty sure they were a test roll for some camera judging by the questionable quality.


Letchworth is known as “The Grand Canyon of The East” and it deserves the title. There’s quite a few features to it, including a bat cave you’re not allowed near. Oh well you can at least enjoy the park, the Glenn Iris Inn, and the three waterfalls. There’s also a dam, but I’ve no pictures of that in this batch.

Circling Hawk
Trestle Bridge

The railroad bridge across the upper falls. This iron work structure replaced a wooden one which burned down over a century ago. I understand this one has been torn down as well, but I don’t know if it’s been replaced. I’ve stood on this bridge and taken pictures out across the Genesee river, even while a train passed. Beside it there was a set of decayed wooden steps that led all the way down to the towpath of the old Genesee Canal, which was abandoned almost as soon as it had been built.

Falls on the river

Pretty sure this is the Lower Falls. Possibly the Middle Falls which is behind the Inn. My memory isn’t what it was.

Wolf Creek

A splash of one of the many small rivulets that feed the river from the hills beside it.

View of the gorge
Another feeding stream
Flock of birds

The park was one of Dad’s and my favourite places for trying out cameras. Not only did it offer the familiarity of views for comparative purposes, but the scenery is fantastic all on its own. It would be a shame if these were the only remaining images of it from all that we’d shot there over the years.


September Gallery

All taken with the Kodak P850.

Frosted Grass

We’ve already had several killing frosts this season. In fact as I write this it’s 24°F (-4°C).


A couple of horses from the herd down the road.

Like A Painting

The subdued colour rendition on this reminded me of a painting by Constable or Turner perhaps.


This is the outlet to the lake. The colours here were opposite of the previous picture due to the different lighting: this one early morning, the previous one early evening. Time of day makes a big difference to how cameras see things.


As I said, time of day. Here the setting sun behind the trees is reflecting off the cloud mass in the sky.

Up High

A raven fighting for altitude just for the joy of it. He was way up there and apparently enjoying himself. Or herself perhaps.