Final Kodak moments

Today we go home. The weather is absolutely miserable, as is typical for this time of year. These shots were taken with the Kodak P850 before things turned bad. I suppose you could say they were from my re-learning experiment, using that camera. I discovered it is one that is very hard for me to use now. *sigh* C’est la vie photographique.

Del & Diane’s.
One last sunset.
First snow, last leaves.
The road home.

The wood is stocked, but I will have to come back to “close up” once the wife and menagerie are moved back home. Then … so many more things to do before returning next May.


Red Sky At Night


Taken one evening with the Nikon P610. We won’t be having sky like that for a while now. In fact the weather is very nasty right now.

I’m trying to get my Winter wood supply in, and nothing is co-operating. Almost done but …

And then there is my upcoming surgery the details for which have not been finalized and it’s already been moved to Nov. 4th.

Other than that … I have a surprise coming up. Hopefully a pleasant one.

Addendum: in a nod to my failing eyesight I have decided to up my usual size format from 640×480/427 to 1280×960/854.

Landscape trial

Camera Decision says the Canon 1Ds is no good for landscape photography. Their complaints are a lack of live view and low resolution sensor. Naturally I had to give it a try.

Snow-topped mountains.
Across the lake.
The next point over.

These were all taken with the 40mm EF lens, which is fairly sharp but not as good as the old Takumars.

What I found: There’s dirt on the sensor again! Yes, a higher resolution sensor would enhance landscape scenes and a live view LCD would be helpful for framing/composing. I would not call it a failure, though.

I intend to try some more shots, using the 50mm Super Takumar, when I can get to it. Once again the weather is about to turn on me and I’ve got about one more good day which I will use up getting a little work done around here.

The best laid plans …

Today was supposed to be sunny and dry; a good day for dropping a dead tree and bucking it up and loading the trailer and thus getting some more firewood in. Instead, it’s raining. Imagine my surprise that the forecast was wrong. I wasn’t. Nevertheless my plans are ruined and I have to sit here and wait out the weather before I can even slice up the logs I’ve already got out there and bring in another load.
I’m bored, and that’s dangerous.
It’s too wet to do any photos because I can’t afford an environmentally sealed Pentax K or anything like it. I tried to take some pictures of the eagles circling the lake before the rain got too strong, but the Nikon failed to focus correctly on each and every shot. This keeps happening. It’s one thing when the subject is still and you can go back to it. Flying birds are there then gone: miss them and you’ve missed them.
Anyway WordPress is still allowing access to this primitive editor that works, so I’m annoying you with a post while it still functions. I actually have a few images saved up and may even share some. But mostly when I’m bored I go “camera shopping”. And then have to stop myself from actually ordering anything. It’s difficult.
Let’s take a moment to make fun of camera reviews, shall we? Revisiting the Lumix GF2 and a certain web site’s evaluation of it I take issue with their opinions. Vis:
No wireless connection (that’s a pro not a con)
No image stabilization (debatable: if you remember your “one over” rules IS isn’t really that necessary for still photography, and you hardly notice it)
No built-in viewfinder (now that is a con as the LCD screens are useless in bright light. Curiously they list the lack of VF as a con under “Portrait Photography” when in fact that’s one form where it is not needed and the LCD screen is probably better)
Low resolution 12MP sensor (uh, sounds like Spec Snobbery to me)
Poor low light performance (yeah – physics again. Seriously low-light performance requires full size sensor and big glass and it all costs a ton of money. Simply pretending that you can get ISO 6400 out of a MFT or 2.3 sensor doesn’t make it happen)

So remember not to use any commercial review’s opinion as an absolute. Half the time they are just parroting popular opinion and never are they understanding your personal needs. For example the particular site evaluates cameras for Portrait, Street, Sports, Daily, and Landscape photography but utterly misses Wildlife evaluation which is quite a different thing yet majorly popular.
Since this wandered off into comparisons, here’s the Kodak sunset vs. the Nikon sunset:

Taken with the Kodak P850, no adjustments other than sizing.

Taken with the Nikon P610, no adjustments other than sizing.

I go, I come back

It’s been a week of the weather forecasters being wrong every day. They’re so good at that. It now appears that their guessing “sunny and warm” is finally coming true (at least for a while), but the past week has been wet and cool. It interfered greatly with the work because solar panels don’t produce power without sun and paint doesn’t dry when it’s cool and damp. I managed to do things, but my Wednesday deadline came and went without success. Still, nearly there.

Sunset at the lake

The ol’ infirmity, whatever-the-hell-it-is, returned causing me to lose sleep and be even more tired than usual. I wondered how long I was going to get away with running on adrenaline. I tell you, waking up with your hands clenched so tight the pain goes up to your elbows is not fun. I’ve had to take more muscle relaxant, which leaves me “hung over” the next day.

The loon doesn’t mind the rain. I love the way the water looks in this picture.

The other visitors I had been threatened with didn’t come, so that worked out okay. You really can not get things done with people in the way. They aren’t/don’t help. Even if they were/did, some jobs just don’t go faster with more people working on them. Anyway I finished the stove platform:

It doesn’t look as good in person, but it doesn’t need to be any better.

I went back to town Friday and returned Saturday and have almost got the bedroom completed. That is to say as completed as it needs to be. This is a house: nothing is ever finished with a house. You just keep working on them.

The dark baseboard was definitely the way to go.
The brown works better with the logs than white would.

The visitors I did get were welcome:

Yes, Mama Deer and her growing children

Today, Sunday, I will tackle many more tasks, with an aim towards getting the Mrs. out here by the end of the week for her first stay since we were stuck here during the wildfires of 2017.

After that … more work.


More from the past

A few other shots taken with the Kodak P850 several years ago and recently rediscovered on a USB stick.

Case tractor

This is an old Case 530 tractor I owned when I lived in Langley. I bought it with the engine seized and still had enough ability then to rebuild it. Not so sure I could do that these days. I used it for a while around the property, and sold it on. Here it is sitting in a rare-for-the-area snowfall. I’m not entirely sure this is a digital camera picture as it dates from a time when film was still available and the format seems to be analogous with a scanned 35mm print @ 640 x 427 instead of 640 x 480.

1954 Ford F100

This old ranch hand I spotted not too far from here. I haven’t been back that way lately to see if it’s still around. An awful lot of the vehicles I’ve spotted over the years have disappeared. We can only hope they’ve gone for restoration and not for scrap.

Sky of fire

Taken in the backyard at Langley. Good sunsets are unusual down there due to the pollution. When you come down out of the mountains and hit the lateral valley towards Vancouver you drive right into it: a wall of stinking, unbreathable air.

Church at Spence’s Bridge

Along the winding canyon highway is the interesting settlement of Spence’s Bridge. I’ve seen quite a few unusual things while passing through there, including a Greyhound Scenic Cruiser (which is now gone).

Little Niagara

When the water level is high in the Spring the creek will flood the yard at the lake and the overflow finds its own path. You never know what it will be like until you get out there and see. This year there’s a lot of snowpack, so it could be very wet indeed.


This is in the rocks at Spence’s Bridge, across from the church and quite a ways away from the road. Another reason why I like long lenses, as it wouldn’t be possible to walk up to this even if ignoring the trespassing laws.