Trail Cam Adventures!

After replacing the dead batteries and defective SD card in my trail cam here at home I got a few interesting pictures. And of course hundreds of uninteresting ones. Not everything that triggers it is worth looking at. There seem to be a lot of images of cars going by, for example. Also dogs. Lots of pictures of the dogs. Funny, that.

Buck mule deer.

Here we have something more interesting than a dog: a buck mule deer traversing the driveway in the night. The infrared imaging isn’t the best, but it’s good enough to see what’s going on. The exception to this is the traffic it picks up which, owing to the low light conditions, tends to be just blurs of light.

Falling from the sky.

An interesting blur of light is this meteor shower. Okay, it’s actually snowfall and that’s just as well as it’s enough to shovel that – I wouldn’t want to try it with meteorites!

Snow? Blow that!

Ah, here’s some old guy clearing the snow. Thank you, old guy!

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin!

A truckload of logs zooming past. This happens quite frequently at all times of day, so logging is active at the moment. There have been times this year with absolutely no logging truck traffic due to total shutdown of operations over the pandemic. This is better.

Mighty machine.

Here’s a machine on its way to somewhere else. Looks like a feller-buncher. The cab is tipped down to ease transport. Or maybe it’s broken and going in for repair.

It’s Duncan.

I said there were lots of dog pictures, didn’t I? This is one of them.

Hi. It’s me again.

I haven’t been doing much photography lately as it’s been raining and I’m really ramping up the work to try and get the place usable. By Thursday. That’s when the kids are coming for their vacation. I don’t know what “vacation” means but apparently some people enjoy it. The weather is about to go against me in a different way: it’s going to get hot. So I’d better get busy.

Sunday morning; getting my slippers wet

I’ve had some visitors. A few of them human but they don’t matter. *LOL*

Join us at the stag party

The upstairs bedrooms are usable but not finished. Nothing is finished. Nothing is ever finished with a house!

From no walls to studs to half-covered with the doors in. Now if I can just get the kitchen floor tiled and the rest of the place tidied up I can go home and mow the lawn.

Or I could go fishing.

Small fry