These pictures were taken with the Olympus E-410 and the radioactive 35mm f2 Super Takumar. The sky was not actually that colour; the lens tint caused by the radioactive material lent a shift to the colour temperature. I rather liked the result, so I didn’t correct it.

In a world where history is re-written …
At a time when opinions are considered facts …
Reality truly is perception.

This will be the downfall of civilization.

(I baked chocolate chip cookies today.)

Last of the Sony?

As I change my plans and adjust my methods the Sony a6000 doesn’t really fit in anywhere now. It’s remarkable how much dimmer an EVF is than even a pentamirror optical finder, nevermind a pentaprism one. Also the very small body is difficult for me to use without accidentally pressing the wrong buttons and the wrong time.

Whatever. These may be the last pictures I take with the Sony (but don’t bet on it). The lens is the not-so-good-but-not-so-bad Opticam f2.8 135mm M42 mount.

If you were a Ford Ranger you’d try to hide too.
Gold ‘bug’.
Ice and Artifacts.

When 50(mm) is 80(mm)

In continuing my ‘practising’ with the Canon T100, I shot the next series of images using the 50mm f1.8 Canon EF lens. There were a large number of pictures that weren’t any good. This was due not only to the usual factors, but also because I don’t normally shoot in that focal range (equivalent to 80mm on a 135 film camera). Also, the weather was grey much of the time and when you shoot on a grey day you get grey images. But here are the very few that turned out acceptable.

Scenery #1
Scenery #2
Lone cone
Bird on a branch
Clouds of fluff
Bird in the clouds

This lens is better on the Canon 1Ds (full frame) where the focal length is ‘normal’ and both are well-suited to landscape photography.

In the past couple of weeks I have passed on some equipment offered because I figure if I can’t make use of what I’ve got there’s no sense in getting more. I will be shooting additional ‘practice’ shots with the T100, utilising the short-range zoom and some adapted fixed focal length manual lenses (the Super Takumars mainly). I still have a great deal of difficulty using the viewfinder, even though it is much larger and brighter than the EVF on the old Nikon P610. This has nothing to do with the camera, and everything to do with my failing vision. Perhaps I should try firing blindly around me with a wide-angle lens and see how that goes. Probably wouldn’t be any worse than trying to take pictures on purpose.

I have also dug out the Sony A6000. Originally I intended to try and sell it again, but failing that I might as well see if I have any more luck shooting with it. It’s smaller and lighter, which has both advantages and disadvantages. It also adapts old lenses more readily, which is good because Sony E lenses are very expensive. But these days, what isn’t?