Remains of the day

Greek find called earliest

Wow. How bad reporting is that, eh? This is the sort of thing that makes scientists look like morons. The “chunk of skull” becomes a “fossil” and then it just gets worse. Business Insider SA and others call it “a 210,000 year-old skull” when it’s just a piece of one. It’s only when you get into the posts from actual scientists that you see the appropriate caution being used:

“As with any challenging new find, the appropriate initial reaction should be healthy scepticism, even when my own name is on the paper.” – Chris Stringer

What’s missing is corroborating evidence, such as more pieces of bone of the same era. Also there is no accounting for other possible explanations for its presence, such as having been moved to the location at a later date. We had this same problem when a ‘black’ skeleton (a few remains of one) was located further North than it should have been; so many people started declaring it factual that Africans had been in Europe much longer than anyone knew and it was absolute proof of the migration.

Really? Since when does science base its conclusions on a sample size of one?

It’s bad enough we keep getting ‘health reports’ that draw absolute conclusions based on some obviously flawed meta-analysis (the most recent one blamed sugar for cancer), misleading people into changing their life without any actual explanation of why they should (and yet they still ignore making changes that have been proved), but here we corrupt science and history – all because ‘journalists’ can not understand what they’re reporting on. Or maybe they don’t care: “news” these days tends to be sensationalist rubbish designed to grab attention rather than inform. The frequent disassociation between headlines and article content is proof enough of that.

Then when someone points out the mistakes and flaws (such as ridiculously small sample size) they get attacked. After all, it was “in the paper” so it must be true. Well ha, ha. That one has never been true ever since someone invented newspapers. Digital media is simply a faster way to spread lies. (And we can all laugh at the fact the biggest complainer about this is himself the biggest abuser.)

Instead we have people claiming vaccines aren’t safe because of falsified studies and rare instances, ignoring the huge body of positive results. We have people drawing cause-effect conclusions based on coincidence with no proven interactive mechanism. We have people reveling not in ignorance, which is a lack of knowledge, but in stupidity – which is the rejection of knowledge. All exacerbated by media reports constructed by those just as foolish and only marginally better-skilled in writing.

How does the world end? Not with a bang but with a whimper.

Religion, Hate Crimes, and Free Speech

If you examine religions in general and point out they have a tendency towards destructive lawlessness it’s free speech. If you pick one out by name and offer up loads of factual evidence as to how they commit acts of child abuse and murder suddenly you’re guilty of a hate crime. No matter that there are decades of well-documented evidence including arrests, court cases, and convictions; it’s “hate speech” the minute you attach the name of the specific cult involved.

Relaying the truth that one was founded on violence and still regularly engages in violence and encourages violence among its followers is only a crime if you say who is doing it. The usual excuse is “oh they’re not like that anymore” and it’s not true: one only has to read the current news to determine that the acts are still going on. Even if they are not ‘officially sanctioned’ they are tacitly allowed just the same. More over they usual solution to the problem seems to be a fatuous apology from the guilty parties and forgiveness from the head of the same cult (no conflict of interest there, right?)

So they spew their “family values” while abusing their own children and committing adultery on the side, along with however many other civil crimes they think their god is okay with. They pretend to be charitable and helpful to the downtrodden masses while they continue to cover up the abuses against them done by their own missionaries. They claim their religion is “of peace” while waging violent war even against different sects of the same cult or at least not speaking out against those who undertake these acts in the name of the same religion/god/prophet.

It is ironic that if you put the name to the gang you are guilty of a crime of “hate speech”, but if they commit crimes in the name of their particular state-approved mental illness club they are not. In fact in silencing those who would speak out against the abuses the government is complicit in the worst hate crime of all; the continued abuse of people by the religions, all of which exist only to control others (no matter what they claim).

Now if for some reason you suddenly think I’m talking about your religion (and none have been mentioned by name), perhaps you’d better re-examine your beliefs. Perhaps you’d better re-examine all beliefs. Maybe you’d better understand god doesn’t exist and all religions are control mechanisms.

Then you’ll have to watch your speech, otherwise the government will charge you with the unforgivable crime of telling the truth.

Screenshot from 2019-03-23 15:46:36

Abandon your religion

Believing in something there’s no proof of is a delusion. It’s a mental illness. In some forms it is harmless. In others … not so much so.

You know there is no god. It doesn’t matter what name you give a mythical being. You scoff at the polytheism of ancient cultures yet insist that your monotheism is real. You have no proof, and what you submit as proof is fantasy and fiction or explain by other means.

That book you pretend to believe in is fairy tales. Not a word of truth in it. Yet you insist it’s absolute truth, while at the same time selecting only those passages that support your preconceived notions of how things should be. When the errors of your processes and its contents are clearly demonstrated to you, you respond with violence in the fashion typical of any mentally deranged person whose fantasies are challenged.

Over centuries the lies of religion have served only to control and to justify slaughter, torture, and conquest. They have never done an ounce of good for anyone anywhere. You point to missions of mercy to counter the fact, but those missions were not dependent on the god who doesn’t exist; they were the actions of people with kind hearts. These come from no god. Indeed they come in spite of the fake gods and the phony profits and often operate in contradiction to the beliefs that supposedly support them.

You’ve pretended your religion is everything and the only thing good, and now it’s killing you. Conflict of beliefs has caused many bloody wars in the past, many persecution of innocents, many deaths of so-called ‘martyrs’. Now it is easier than ever before, and you can’t avoid it. You gather for your worship and your god does not protect you when the murderers come, because your god does not exist. Neither does theirs. Pretending to ‘accept’ the outcome as “god’s will” only excuses inaction to prevent the next slaughter or to justify retaliation against the current one. It does no good. There is no comfort in the words of your holy book because they are lies.

Abandon your religion. Wake up to the fact it is fake and false and serves only to enslave you and make your life miserable. Grasp reality. Deal with it. Don’t wait for the enjoyment of a heaven that doesn’t exist; make living enjoyable. Take the target of your belief off your back. Take action against the murderers. Your god doesn’t want you to die because it doesn’t exist. The question you have to ask is: do you want to live?

This applies not just to the so-called “Abrahamic” faiths but to all such spiritual beliefs from all cultures. There is no reason to respect or honour any of them, because they are all the same lies merely told by different liars.

You can not live with a religion. You can only die from it. If you believe in any faith you are already dead spiritually. The waiting surprise is you won’t come alive when your body dies as well. Kill your god and live.

And then nothing happened

In the latest round of sensational terrorism forty-nine people were murdered by a “white supremacist” spouting the usual trash justification for his crime.

And then nothing happened.

You can bet no one in any government got to grips with combating terrorism. They didn’t pass any new laws to make these gangs of violent offenders illegal. They didn’t issue any executive orders to round up and prosecute the long list of known offending affiliates. The didn’t call for better control of access to weapons. They didn’t instigate efforts to shut down the dissemination of radical viewpoints on social media.

No one did any of these things.

They made no effort whatsoever to solve the problem, same as always.


Because they don’t actually care.

It doesn’t matter who shot who: the hate groups have no real agenda other than to hate and instill fear. They will twist whatever reality there is to support their alleged manifesto, but in reality they just like to kill and terrorize. If there were no “them” for their “us” to be against they’d turn on themselves. It isn’t about realizing a goal; it’s abound inflicted chaos through mindless violence. Freedom fighters attack definitive targets with a plan to bring about change. Terrorists just attack.

And why don’t the politicians and law enforcement officials try to stop them?

Because they’re the same.

While those Muslims died in New Zealand, members of every government in the world cheered the attack silently in the privacy of their own heads. They want the controversy. They want the issue. They have false promises to make and elections to win. It doesn’t matter how many innocents die; other people don’t matter, only they do.

No surprise then that the White Supremacist dictatorship in Washington, D.C. puts out disingenuous statements of sympathy and condolence: in reality they are happy more Muslims are dead. Why, the dictator himself tried to twist it into an excuse to justify his favourite hate project.

Face it: we’re living in a world run by self-serving hypocrites who would murder their own grandmothers to get whatever they wanted. That’s how they got into power, that’s how they stay in power. And those groups who claim they want to change this really mean they want to change who benefits by it, the same as always.

You could tell the Muslims to abandon their religion to avoid being targets, but the murderers would just find another way to hate and kill. They’d slaughter communities, kids in school, businesses … whoever and wherever they need to achieve the terror they seek.

Unless society is willing to systematically and methodically remove such people permanently from our midst there is no hope for the future.

God is a Terrorist

Set aside for a moment the undeniable fact god doesn’t exist. Refrain from pointing out that all religions are control mechanism meant to wield power via the ultimate threat of retribution for disobedience. Just for a few minutes let us step into the fantasy realm of the mentally deranged believers in nonsense and see what their all-powerful creator is really like.

Supposedly omnipotent; capable of creating entire worlds. Yet can’t get this one to work right. This god being that allegedly can control every aspect of everything can’t even convince people it is real and what its true intent is. That’s pretty lousy communications skills.

Oh but ‘ineffable’ are the ways! It gave people “free will”, yet still expects them to behave in a certain manner. Which manner? The manner of this side of the bloody war that has god with it or the manner of that side which makes the identical claim? Are you sure there’s only one god? When you look at the state of things throughout history, the polytheistic explanations make a lot more sense – even if they do read like badly-written soap operas.

If you take the existence of this ‘one-and-only’ god with all its abilities as true, then the only explanation that works for the state of mankind and the world it that this creature is a right bastard terrorist; a vicious, sadistic monster who takes delight in the suffering of others.

Clearly there is no ‘plan’ as would be found in anyone with an end goal. This is the same as with terrorists who pretend they have a cause to fight for but in reality fight for its own sake. They don’t attack military installations because their goal is not to win, it’s just to terrorize. Like god, who inflicts horrible suffering on the innocent with disease and natural disasters but allows his fellow bastards to live long and prosper. Truly, how can anyone claim “god saved me” when the hurricane went through town and killed their neighbours? If god makes all things than he makes the bad as well as the good and it doesn’t balance out. Even if it did, it would simply negate his value – and his existence.

Oh he wants those people to suffer because they’re bad? You call yourself a Christian, do you? Jesus said god loves everyone, but no explanation why he likes to torture and kill them just the same. At least the Muslims don’t play this game of hypocrites – their religion of Islam means “submit” (not “peace” as the apologists declare) and the whole organization was started by an illiterate child-molesting violent bastard who use brutality to gain power at any cost to civilization and humanity. That continues to this day. If you think otherwise you are a special kind of moron.

We do not have to accept much less respect any religion, because they are all the sake fakery. The ‘natural’ religions of primitive native people, the ‘pagan’ religions of those who claim affinity with nature – it’s all the same bullshit as the Abrahamic religions or any other gang of power-crazed lunatics bent on domination of society. And no, you can not be a scientist and also believe in any god; the two positions are contra-indicated and if you can’t see that you utterly fail as a scientist.

No, this god you claim exists exists only in your mind. It is the ultimate justification for being brutal, violent, and sadistic. There is not one ounce of sincere sympathy in any religion; it’s all about power. Every last one of them. All of their terrorist acts excuse by the notion that it’s what god wants. But it isn’t; it’s what they want, for there is no god. This can not be denied by any sane person. If you believe, you are not sane.

Give us this day our daily struggle

Just thought I’d mention a few things you may not know about.

First of all, the most accurate information about Autism is buried on a hard drive somewhere. You see, they asked an Autistic person who was high functioning (Asperger’s) and also happened to be an electrical engineer and psychologist to look into the matter. So he studied a lot of Autistics, analyzed the results, theorized against known medical knowledge, and came up with the most extensive understanding of the condition that there is. It included symptoms and coping strategies.

Everyone immediately rejected this because it didn’t pander to their favoured theories and prior prejudices even though it “worked out” in absolutely 100% of cases subjected to analysis. But since it wouldn’t allow thousands of people who do not understand it to go on writing as if they did based on their tiny, singular experiences the information has never been published. It probably has evaporated off magnetic storage by now. So keep on with your thousands of different sects of Autism as Religion, because science is dead now anyway.

WordPress is utter garbage, existing only to try and dupe people into giving them money for nothing. It’s Facebook Fallacy; where users are led to believe that giving the host company money will somehow improve their coverage and potential return. Pay to feed your egos if you like, but understand that “up to” starts and ends at zero.

I’m just trying to get through today. That’s my plan for the foreseeable future, which isn’t far ahead. Having a helluva time fighting depression right now. It’s true depression: there’s not much wrong in my life at the moment, yet at the same time I’d prefer to be dead.

The Saab model 99 was not named for Agent 99 from the Get Smart! TV show of the 1960s.

People who make jokes a lot are often the most seriously depressed. Robin Williams.

I need a massive government grant to study something. I want to create two identical Facebook Pages, one advocating the summary execution of all Democrats and another identical but for Republicans. Load them up with the same content, only altering the subject where needed, and then see what happens. My guess is the one demanding the death of Dems would be heralded as an expression of free speech whereas its mirror image for Reps would be taken down ASAP as hate speech. Why? Because the most vocal opponents would be Reps who revel in violence – except if it is applied to them. So you would have members of both parties calling for the removal of the anti-Rep Page but only Dems demanding the anti-Dem Page go.

It’s sunny and bright and cold and getting through today is difficult. I know tomorrow will be too, then it will become slightly easier for a little while.

So this guy I know got a great deal on a box full of diecast and I offered to buy 3 I was interested in from him. You need to know I’d sent him like $200+ worth of goodies last year utterly free, and he only paid $35 for this box of dozens of cars. Right. So he wants $80 for 3. He can get stuffed. I could have reimbursed for the whole cost of what he got plus shipping, but no he had to be greedy. What he doesn’t know is I was about to send him some more free stuff. Not sure I will now.

Have I mentioned I’d like to be dead?

There is no joy in life. Marie Kondo is an self-important ass who needs to shut up.

Just a few things I thought I’d mention. I don’t care what you think about any of it, because none of you care what I think about it.