A Feature Foto

Dark-eyed (Oregon) junco got a sunflower seed!

It seems I’m not a good photographer. For one thing, I don’t use thousands of dollars’ worth of the latest, most technologically advanced gadgetry. I mean equipment. I don’t shoot RAW and then spend 12 hours fiddling with settings to get everything absolutely perfect. Why, the images I share aren’t even 4X the size of any computer screen out there so you have to pan-and-scan to look at them. And of course after having taken photos for a little over half a century I have no understanding of the use of light, much less knowledge of composition and framing.

Seriously: what the hell do I know about photography?

Well I know how to annoy the hell out of people by doing it my way, I guess.

So here is a larger-than-usual image that I happen to think is a good one, even if it is just another of my endlessly boring “professional snapshots”.

And I’ll warn you in advance I intend to continue doing this, with the occasional ‘feature foto’ thrown in for good measure, until something stops me.

Staring into the plasma reactor


I have a long, hard day of travel ahead of me today. There’s much that could go wrong, so let’s hope it doesn’t.

Fortunately I was able to start the day with a laugh, reading a couple of articles about really good cameras. One was the usual Canon vs. Nikon argument with the typical flawed assumption that there’s some kind of “ultimate” design which supersedes all others and therefor is best for everyone. The other was a bragging about how silly the Canon/Nikon/Fuji/Sony snobs sound – to a Hasselblad 150MP snob. Who then provided further amusement by posting “proof” of how superior his images are. On the Internet. Where the screens show his pictures just as poorly as they do my own 1/10 the resolution cheap camera results. He then went on to talk about the importance of “cropping”, which term he (like so many others) used incorrectly to mean post-shoot digital zooming (there is a difference). To be fair, his pictures were good and he is commercially successful but … well he fell into every one of the “Phools” I wrote about. With pretty poor writing skills as well.

So here’s me being a different kind of photography snob again, amused by the usual kind. Don’t think I don’t appreciate the irony in that as well. :p