Ready for the war?

Amazingly just as gasoline suppliers switch over to “cheaper to produce” Winter Blend there is suddenly an attack on a Saudi oil installation that knocks out “half production capacity”. Neatly this is blamed on Iran, because certain parties want a war with them.

Couldn’t be anything to do with wanting higher oil profits, could it? Couldn’t be a small bit of explosive barely damaging anything exaggerated to epic destruction, could it? Couldn’t be an excuse for a certain moron to start a war for political gain, could it? Couldn’t be the public being lied to yet again like so many other times in the past re oil and war, could it?

Mmmm … could be.

Could be that a certain president who borrowed tons of money off the Saudis needs to repay them. Could be that a certain president who is controlled by and owes money to Russia needs to give them a further boost (they sell oil too, you know). Could be that a certain president needs to win another election and what better way than to have a war so anyone who stands against him automatically becomes a traitor.

You’re going to get hosed, people. I guarantee it.

The only thing working against this transparent conspiracy to rake in cash and solidify political power is that the ‘man at the top’ is such a stupid, incompetent, bungling moron he can’t possibly pull it off no matter how much foreign help he gets. All of his businesses have gone bankrupt (the reason for borrowing millions from Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China) and all his prior attempts to start a war have failed. This is one of the hallmarks of the true terrorist: being so bad at it they don’t actually succeed at their supposed goals.

Nevertheless we’re all in for an uncontrolled sleigh ride down the frozen slopes of Hell, and we can only hope for the sudden natural deaths of a large number of people to prevent it.

What’s that you say? It would be impossible to keep such a conspiracy secret? What makes you think they’re even trying to? They only have to fool some of the people all of the time to get away with it.

Why do I think this? Because I’ve been around more than half a century and I’ve seen it all before.

And we’re seeing it again: Oil Price Jump