Hated Holiday: Halloween

Of all the stupid, useless, meaningless holidays on the calendar (and in Canada there are a lot, including a huge number of statutory ones which are just an excuse for not working and costing the economy) Halloween is the worst. It is more commercially and socially corrupted than even Christmas, and has lost all its original meaning (not that there was any great significance to it in the first place). I have never been an ‘active participant’ in this farce, and reject all its trappings.

However, I can use it as an excuse to do certain types of pictures so …

Somewhere in the universe …
Amidst a twisted forest …
Something strange lives …

Halloween I

I’m no fan of holidays in general. They’ve all been commercialized to the point of losing their original meaning and purpose, and I think the country (Canada) should remove many of them from its list of statutory holidays as they don’t reflect the nation or its culture but rather a single religion corrupted for economic purposes. But that’s just me.

This year I was inspired by my recent purchase of some classic Universal horror films (real horror films; not the blood-and-gore garbage perpetrated in modern times), the likes of a fellow photographer, and my own weird sense of humour to create some B&W images that are at least obliquely related to Halloween. I’m posting them up in small doses so no one is terribly frightened by the silly, er … I mean scary, pictures.

The Wolf Moon
It Comes Creeping
Shadow Man