Toy Camera

Inspired by Ritchie Roesch’s Digital Holga experiment.

Since my Panasonic Lumix ZS60 takes lousy photos anyway, it’s the perfect choice for turning on the “toy camera filter” and giving it a try. The Canon also has this “feature”, but it’s a bit silly to downgrade the quality of its lenses when the Lumix is pretty fuzzy to begin with. The Lumix results are A-okay, and simply a matter of whether or not the style is to your taste.

Nebulous Moon
The tall tree
Distant flight
This one hardly looks affected
Marley hurries into Spring

Due to the erratic nature of the Lumix’s exposure control, all of these had to be adjusted a bit post-shoot in order to look ‘right’ – although what ‘right’ is under the circumstances can be debated.

So it’s quite the artistic little camera, but it does bring up a point I often try to make: why spend money to get soft images (as in buying certain low-quality lenses) when you can come by them so easily? Getting a good, sharp, realistic picture is the difficult bit. If your camera can achieve that, changing the look ‘downward’ after shooting is easy. The Lumix, alas, does not manage to make good pictures to begin with. It’s like buying a digital Holga – when you hadn’t intended to.

September Gallery

All taken with the Kodak P850.

Frosted Grass

We’ve already had several killing frosts this season. In fact as I write this it’s 24°F (-4°C).


A couple of horses from the herd down the road.

Like A Painting

The subdued colour rendition on this reminded me of a painting by Constable or Turner perhaps.


This is the outlet to the lake. The colours here were opposite of the previous picture due to the different lighting: this one early morning, the previous one early evening. Time of day makes a big difference to how cameras see things.


As I said, time of day. Here the setting sun behind the trees is reflecting off the cloud mass in the sky.

Up High

A raven fighting for altitude just for the joy of it. He was way up there and apparently enjoying himself. Or herself perhaps.