Gray Jay on a gray day

Canada’s National Bird, the Gray Jay (aka Whiskey Jack).

Not many birds about these days; the cold weather sent them south or into hibernation (yes, I know).

The news from around the country and around the world is pretty depressing and often stupid, so let’s skip that.

(This is me trying to dig up good news.)

Let’s see, Stats Can says inflation is “holding steady” at 6.9%. That must be ‘per day’ because I just bought a flat of canned dog food and it was 50% more expensive than last month. I opted out of some of my dental treatment – to save $60. It was over $100 as it was. Well gasoline went down a few cents. No doubt it will be back up when I need to get some more. The wood supply is good; I’ll split some more tomorrow. Haven’t yet used up even what’s in the centre of the shed.

Anyway it’s warmer and I did get a bunch of errands done. Guess I’ll make it “Western Wednesday” and put on a movie or two while the laundry does its thing in the machine.

On the whole nothing bad happening. (Just ignore the big, wide world.)

Autumn comes like Winter

Sunday morning it was -3C. I took some frost pictures around the yard with the Fuji EXR. Now it is Wednesday and I’m back at the cabin. It’s supposed to be 22C today. It was that when I arrived yesterday, but the stove is burning now because it’s only 5! Obviously the warm days are over.

I came across an unusual and disturbing thing on my way in: people camping. That shouldn’t be a problem, except that are on the short (5 kms) road that leads to the cabin, at about the 1 km mark. It makes me nervous to encounter strangers way out here. Are they just camping? Or are they hunting? If they’re hunting, for what? Deer? Or things to steal? I guess those people coming right out here into the grounds has put me on edge. The trail cam shows no one around between when I left and when I returned, so that’s good.

Anyway I brought out a couple of different cameras in case the sun shines and I see something worth photographing. Of course I have the Nikon, but I also have the Kodak P850. It’s functions have gone erratic too, as it doesn’t always take a picture when you push the button. Sometimes it resets. The zoom stops occasionally and other settings seem to change themselves. Not good. Obviously only suited to scenes that will hold still long enough to get the shot.

Inexplicably I also grabbed the Lumix. Took six shots with it upon my arrival, and they are all bad. How could they possibly make a camera that performs so poorly? Why did I think it would be any different this time out? I’m not known for being an optimist.

Frost 1. (Fuji EXR)
Frost 2. (Fuji EXR)
Frost 3. (Fuji EXR)
Frost 4. (Fuji EXR)
Squirrel! Taken with the Lumix.
The Point. Taken with the Lumix.

Out of the cold

Looks like we’re warming up around here. For example Sunday morning it was -18°C, which is warmer than it had been in a week, and got up above freezing by afternoon. Now they are predicting more highs above freezing coming up every day this week. Massively different from the arctic conditions we’ve just suffered through.

To that end, a few things I shot while it was so cold. Most were taken inside in fact, even though they show the freezing outside.

Window on the frozen world
Ice snakes
A spray of darkness
Crystal forest
Some other land
Staying warm

I didn’t get the new camera last week. Hopefully it will show up early this week so I can try it out in the sunshine … and warmth.

Into the deep freeze

It’s been cold here. One morning it was -22°C (-8°F). This is coming early for the area. It curtails a lot of activity, like photography. I mean, have you ever tried working a camera with insulated gloves on? Not that the gloves make much difference against the cold. Well I took them off and made a few shots anyway.

Frost on the glass
Winter wire
Post top
Frosted fir
Waxing crescent
Picture 2000 Nikon P610

All photos taken with the Nikon P610 except “Frosted fir” which was shot with the Kodak V1003 as I was passing by that tree in the car. The last image is the two thousandth photo taken with the Nikon, meaning all my current cameras have now exceeded that number of exposures – equivalent to 83+ rolls of 35mm film. I guess it’s time to buy a new camera, eh? 😀 Maybe I’ll wait for it to warm up a bit; it’s -20°C this morning.


The Frozen Fog

(A photo-play in six scenes.)

Hover through the fog and filthy air
Upon the heath
Something wicked this way comes
What’s done cannot be undone
Confusion now hath made his masterpiece
So fair and foul a day I have not seen

“Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury; signifying nothing.” William Shakespeare

Images taken with the Kodak V1003 on a cold and foggy day.



September Gallery

All taken with the Kodak P850.

Frosted Grass

We’ve already had several killing frosts this season. In fact as I write this it’s 24°F (-4°C).


A couple of horses from the herd down the road.

Like A Painting

The subdued colour rendition on this reminded me of a painting by Constable or Turner perhaps.


This is the outlet to the lake. The colours here were opposite of the previous picture due to the different lighting: this one early morning, the previous one early evening. Time of day makes a big difference to how cameras see things.


As I said, time of day. Here the setting sun behind the trees is reflecting off the cloud mass in the sky.

Up High

A raven fighting for altitude just for the joy of it. He was way up there and apparently enjoying himself. Or herself perhaps.