Road trip.

Drove into town today for supplies. Saw a few interesting things.

Someone got themselves a project (early ’50s GMC).
Someone else’s project (first gen Mustang).
One fine ’69.
Yeah I could use this!
Somebody completed their project. I don’t know what it is because I chased him all over town and he never parked anywhere before I lost sight of him.
The thrill of the chase!

Now it’s time to return to the cabin with supplies, and get back to work!

More from the past

A few other shots taken with the Kodak P850 several years ago and recently rediscovered on a USB stick.

Case tractor

This is an old Case 530 tractor I owned when I lived in Langley. I bought it with the engine seized and still had enough ability then to rebuild it. Not so sure I could do that these days. I used it for a while around the property, and sold it on. Here it is sitting in a rare-for-the-area snowfall. I’m not entirely sure this is a digital camera picture as it dates from a time when film was still available and the format seems to be analogous with a scanned 35mm print @ 640 x 427 instead of 640 x 480.

1954 Ford F100

This old ranch hand I spotted not too far from here. I haven’t been back that way lately to see if it’s still around. An awful lot of the vehicles I’ve spotted over the years have disappeared. We can only hope they’ve gone for restoration and not for scrap.

Sky of fire

Taken in the backyard at Langley. Good sunsets are unusual down there due to the pollution. When you come down out of the mountains and hit the lateral valley towards Vancouver you drive right into it: a wall of stinking, unbreathable air.

Church at Spence’s Bridge

Along the winding canyon highway is the interesting settlement of Spence’s Bridge. I’ve seen quite a few unusual things while passing through there, including a Greyhound Scenic Cruiser (which is now gone).

Little Niagara

When the water level is high in the Spring the creek will flood the yard at the lake and the overflow finds its own path. You never know what it will be like until you get out there and see. This year there’s a lot of snowpack, so it could be very wet indeed.


This is in the rocks at Spence’s Bridge, across from the church and quite a ways away from the road. Another reason why I like long lenses, as it wouldn’t be possible to walk up to this even if ignoring the trespassing laws.


A few images kind of ‘leftover’ from other shoots. The first two are out of the Canon T100.

Duncan is suspicious

He’s thinking “hmm, there’s something going on over there. Maybe I should bark at it!”

Snow sand

I thought about desaturating that or colourizing to sand tones, but then I didn’t. It’s fine as-is.

This next lot are all from the Fuji EXP.

The secret of Telus

Oh you thought they had people that worked on the phone lines? Nope; it’s ravens.

Look right

It’s very small and you can barely spot it.

Ice fingers

Good thing I didn’t invert this.

Frayed flag

The Fuji has nice film-like tonal qualities, and a good lens.

King Ford

A bit of an oddity here, in that the red came out more vibrant than usual. In general digital cameras heighten blue-green and downplay red. The cloudy day probably influenced this as it skewed the blue shades to white. This ‘C’ cab, by the way, was used on Ford/Mercury, Dodge/Fargo, IH, and White trucks for several decades.

And finally a leftover print scan:

Lake point

This is at our cabin, on the “point” of the delta. It reminds me of a tropical island. The scene has changed a bit since this was taken some 20 years ago.