Flowers four

As the lilac is starting to bloom here and the tulips have already gone past I thought I’d better get these ‘backlogged’ flower photos posted. Before I go back to work, that is.

Wild strawberry.
Muscari (grape hyacinth).
Oregon Grape Holly (mahonia aquifolium).

I’m in town for the day to pick up more supplies, then I go right back out the terrible road to return to work. It will never be finished, of course.

Around the yard with the Nikon P610

Thunderstorm threat

I’m told the weather is about to change from very hot to much cooler and rainy. I guess it figured out I was home and wanted to do that shed roof. Anyway, before it does I took some time to take some pictures. Nothing much; just getting back into it.

Chipping sparrow

For some reason this little fellow got over 50 likes when I posted it in a bird group. It’s not even a good picture, frankly. But he is a cute little bird.

It’s called a dark-eyed junco

With good reason. Note the detail in the feathers! This is a 640×480 crop of the full-size image taken at the P610’s maximum telephoto length of 1440mm equivalent.

Get into yellow

Any more pollen on him and he’ll be yellow itself. Or maybe bee yellow.

Berry good picture

I cropped this square to eliminate some overhead power lines that intruded. It changes the composition from the original, but it still ‘works’.

Gossamer wings

There are many of these little helicopter bugs hovering around right now. I hope they are eating all the mosquitoes! I took several different shots of them, and liked this one the best.

Devil’s flower

As in; I had a devil of a time getting this photo. The Nikon had fits trying to focus on this, without even any wind blowing. I changed zoom length, switched between normal and close-up AF, shot about three frames, and did not shoot about eight with ‘false’ focus lock. The camera is having problems.

Bumble bee happy

Again multiple shots, this was the best, and it’s not very good. In all I took fourteen images on this jaunt (a simple “once around the yard”), only seven of which are any good at all. That’s a 50 percent failure rate. Most of the time it was the camera not focusing or saying it was in focus but the image was blurred afterwards. I rely on autofocus because my eyesight isn’t that good, and yet many times I could see the green ‘in focus’ square showing on what was a very obviously blurred image so I didn’t press the button.

But that’s not the worst of it. The ol’ Nikon developed a new problem on this shoot: at one point it failed to zoom. The controls just did nothing and I had to turn it off and on again. It’s bad enough the sensor contrast is going down, the EVF is getting dim, the focus lock is nearly random, and the battery doesn’t last long anymore. If it won’t zoom … well that’s the best thing about the camera; the incredible range and sharpness of the lens. Yes it’s several years old and has taken thousands of pictures. That doesn’t make me feel any better about it failing. Quite the opposite in fact.

There’s nothing else like it available now. The replacement versions are “over-the-top” in design and price. Especially price. When the P610 quits my photography will change as I adapt to using the Canon T100 for everything. I’d better get practicing with it I guess.

Plant pictures

Dum-te-dum-te-dum. Nothing much to do. Wander around the yard and take some snap shots. Nothing vital, nothing important, nothing fantastic. Such a nice change from the past couple of months. Why, one day I may even finish unloading the Xterra!

Brenda’s tomatoes #1
Brenda’s tomatoes #2
Brenda’s tomatoes #3
Little pink flowers
Big blue flowers

All photos taken with the Nikon P610, which is still working.

The flowers that bloom in the Spring


Not around here, of course; we’re still under 10″ of hard-packed snow with below freezing overnight and highs barely above.

The Spring in this case was 1978. The film was Kodachrome 64. The camera … I’ve no idea. Let’s see how many images I can correctly identify.


That’s the last of these old photos. I have some others I haven’t work out how to scan yet, as they’re ‘special’. There may be some more lurking in the boxes around here, but there are so many boxes!