More on a Monday

Well it’s been a couple of weeks worth of “just get through today” living. Nothing much going right in all that time, and the details are boring so you will be spared them.

We had sunshine on Friday. We had sunshine on Sunday. Yes, it’s so bad that any sunny day sticks in the memory. The rest have been just awful. So I took advantage of the sun (and cold: clear skies let all the heat escape) and took a few photos. Nothing much. I used the old Kodak P850, just for fun.

The Master Plan isn’t advancing either. This is due to a lack of co-operation from the world at large. Such as refusing to sell me a Canon 5D at a reasonable price. I keep watching the Ebay auctions, and noticing the trickery, and … nothing. Seriously; if I want to pay that much I can just buy one from a camera store. Beware on-line auctions, folks: there’s some nasty crookedness happening there. It doesn’t help that even when the offer is legitimate bringing the item into Canada (as there’s almost nothing offered here) ramps the price up by expensive shipping and import fees. You can usually bet on seeing another $75 disappear for those, whereas state-side shipping would be $20. Consider also that despite a slight improvement in the exchange rate our dollar is still around 77% of the US$. It’s fun living in this country, but expensive.

Right now I’m waiting for a couple of items I bought to show up. One has nothing to do with The Plan, and the other is an offshoot of it. Waiting. *Drums fingers on table* How far is it from Canada to Canada anyway? (Yes, I bought within the country to try things out. I’m not going to make my first purchase from Albania or anything like that.)

So I’m bored right now, and that’s not a good thing.

Anyway, here are the Kodak picture picks.

Old Reo Gold Comet truck.
How they power the moon.
Gentle colours.
A crow in raven country.
Some sunrise.

The Ravens

Gray skies and not a lot around to take pictures of … except the ravens. I never thought much about these birds until recently when they’ve become a distraction from the desolation. Here are a few moody shots of the infamous black birds enjoying the sky.









Technical stuff: Canon T100 w/55-250mm kit lens, fully zoomed most of the time. ISO 200, very gray light (these are actually in colour, believe it or not). Post-shoot processing, specifically white balance adjusting, done where I thought it helped. Some images are full size, some are 640×427 crops out of full size.


A few images kind of ‘leftover’ from other shoots. The first two are out of the Canon T100.

Duncan is suspicious

He’s thinking “hmm, there’s something going on over there. Maybe I should bark at it!”

Snow sand

I thought about desaturating that or colourizing to sand tones, but then I didn’t. It’s fine as-is.

This next lot are all from the Fuji EXP.

The secret of Telus

Oh you thought they had people that worked on the phone lines? Nope; it’s ravens.

Look right

It’s very small and you can barely spot it.

Ice fingers

Good thing I didn’t invert this.

Frayed flag

The Fuji has nice film-like tonal qualities, and a good lens.

King Ford

A bit of an oddity here, in that the red came out more vibrant than usual. In general digital cameras heighten blue-green and downplay red. The cloudy day probably influenced this as it skewed the blue shades to white. This ‘C’ cab, by the way, was used on Ford/Mercury, Dodge/Fargo, IH, and White trucks for several decades.

And finally a leftover print scan:

Lake point

This is at our cabin, on the “point” of the delta. It reminds me of a tropical island. The scene has changed a bit since this was taken some 20 years ago.