Salmagundi Sunday

All sorts of things going on here, interfering with plans and being the plans that get interfered with. So here’s a loose assortment of images to amuse you.

Female Pileated woodpecker in a pine tree
Two high Canadian geese
First butterfly of the year
The Light in the Forest

BecauseĀ Jim Grey likes bridges, here is the wooden one on our cabin property. It crosses Buster Creek to access the sliver of our land on the other side. Made entirely of wood; specifically four large tree trunks spanning the creek (on top of a couple at either end to retain the banks) and decked with pressure treated 4x4s. We’ve had to replace it once since 2002. It’s pretty sturdy as an excavator and a bulldozer have been over it without consequence. I can’t get down in the currently raging creek to take a good side view right now.

My Bridge
Ironically it allows access to the neighbours

These next two are old film images that somehow ended up on some digital media I was going over. I’m not sure of the origins other than where they were taken and that I took them.

Big Bend, Letchwork Park New York
Wolf Creek, Letchworth Park New York