Camera chatter

Lately the weather has been bad, which keeps me inside. That makes me anxious about doing things as I’m a “doing things” kind of person. If only because it distracts from the “feeling pain” kind of person I’ve become. Naturally I start poking around looking at camera equipment, mainly because the photography is something I find easy to do when I’m able to do it.

So I started looking for cameras that could be used at “waist level”, like old TLRs. The original impetus of this was a complaint from someone who feels very self-conscious when trying to shoot in urban areas because people “look at him funny”. Several of my young photo friends have reported similar feelings, and tales of harassment including from police. Hey world learn this: there is no privacy in a public place. If you can see it, you can shoot it. Anyway waste-level finders solve this because you haven’t got a box (camera) held up to your face and you’re just walking around slowly occasionally looking at the *cough* ground.

My Nikon P610, virtuoso machine that it is, can do this. Sort of. You can flip the screen out and around and look down on it. At which point the lack of light hitting the eyepiece sensor because it’s too near your body causes it to switch finders because it thinks you’re looking through the eye-level. Okay, what could do the job better? A camera with only an LCD screen; one that flips up. There are several quite good ones, all expensive by my standards. Really we are into mirrorless interchangeable lens models here, with $400+ price tags. Would I spend that much to do this one thing? No, would you?

Now here’s where it gets funny. I was just reading another blog where the fellow is looking for a new camera because his Canon 6D is “too heavy” and he gets tired “lugging it around”. I had to look it up: weighs a couple of pounds at worst with a lens. Hey buddy, you should try hauling a Graflex around all day. Or even a Speed Graphic. Build up some photo muscles, ya wimp! Reading further it sounded like he wants a mirrorless camera and is desperately looking for a way to justify it. Let’s see, one of his prospective replacements is a Sony Alpha 7 RIII. Oh yeah I guess you’d need a helluva justification for spending that much money! It’s ten times the price of what I was balking at! Good luck to him, and I hope he’s not married.

Anyway I’ve got more experiments in mind and the forecast says it’s going to be sunny but cold for the next week so it looks like I’ll be able to put my three cheap, junky cameras to use again and have some more fun. Here’s an artsy documentation shot of the work I did yesterday. Don’t try to figure it out; it’s a real-life abstract.


And an old Michigan crane truck I’ve been passing by for years without having enough time available to stop and shoot.


Both of these taken with the Kodak V1003 which is what I had in my pocket at the time.