At the cabin

It would be nice here if I didn’t have so much work to do.


The weather is odd: had to run the heat yesterday morning and the A/C in the afternoon!


One of the chipmonks that has nested in an old wood pile. These are probably the only non-destructive rodents in the world.


Deer like to stop by the lake for a drink in the mornings.


Some kind of mutant moth. I thought it was damaged at first, but no that’s the way it is.


Mostly what I’ve been doing: 50+ wheelbarrows of dirt dug out from under the cabin.


I took this shot by accident. For some reason I like it, though.

Speaking of pictures, the Nikon continues to fail me. It’s close-up focusing is not dependable, being blurred in most shots now. In fact I took that image of the dirt pile with it accidentally set on ‘close’ at first: couldn’t tell the difference. Image contrast seems to be going down too. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.

Except the work.