That last week

Here are some monochrome images from the recent ‘Canon practise’ project.

“I’m not speaking to you.” “I’m not speaking to you either.”

Among events of last week, I got new tyres on Jojo. The old ones had really had it; I kept sliding past the driveway when trying to turn in. The issue was needing to drive to Kamloops to pick up Herself from the airport, and you can’t count on the weather/road conditions around here – except to be bad.

Just thought I’d post this.

The other option was to re-insure and gas up the truck (which would have cost about the same), but it’s rear wheel drive when 2wd and doesn’t shift in to 4 automatically. Also uses more fuel and doesn’t ride as nice. Plus, Jojo still would have needed new tyres.

This stuff.

As it was that was a good idea because it snowed the day before the trip and the roads up here were compacted ice with some more snow and melt on top. On the way back it was all melted slush and we ran out of washer fluid keeping the windshield clear. Jojo actually has a warning that comes on when it gets low. Anyway, she’s filthy now and needs a wash but … guess what? Weather is about to go cold again – and snow more. Welcome home, dear!

Not a partridge, not a pear tree.

So she’s back. This was followed the same day by a call from the eye doctor regarding my specialist appointment. Which will be in May. Good thing it’s not urgent, eh? We all know how it will end up anyway.

A very serious dog.

This past weekend we celebrated yet another wedding anniversary, in the usual style of the elderly. That is to say we stayed home, had a nice dinner, and watched a movie. The movie was the one we went to see in a theater on our first anniversary. No, it wasn’t Muybridge’s The Horse In Motion.

Even ice changes.

Now it’s time to get ready for whatever is next. Like split wood because it’s going to get cold. Also plot and plan purchases and snow clearing against more snow fall. At some point it will be Spring, but not for a few months yet.

Too cold to

Leftover pictures again. The past few weeks haven’t been great around here, with this past one including 6″ of snow on Wednesday and -24 temperatures Thursday. Not exactly pleasant for going out in, never mind taking photos. So here’s some images made before the deep freeze, although it was still freezing.

Edge of ice.
Blurred lines.
No sun around.
Fog in the clearing.

The Chickadee

Bush King

In There Somewhere
On The Fence
Select A Seed
Up! Up!
And Away!

Note: these are not necessarily all the same bird as they were taken over several days as I experimented with the camera & lens, evaluating it for bird photography in fact. Most of the time I was quite close, but some are cropped.

(Photos taken with Olympus E410 & 40-150mm f3.5 lens.)

Sony Albinar

These pictures were taken with the Sony a6000 and the FD-mount Super Albinar 28mm f2.8 lens.

Sideways Ice
Monochrome Sunrise
Surface Ice

The camera is for sale, by the way. There’s nothing wrong with it and it is a good camera, only I have difficulties using it with my large hands and poor eyesight. I will include the Super Albinar & adaptor as well as the M42 adaptor and one of the not-so-good ‘classic’ lenses recently tested: Opticam f2.8 135mmm, Cunor f4.5 200mm, Sun f2.8 28-80mm, or Prakticar f4.5 70-210mm. Or not if you’d prefer. Frankly that Sun lens is pretty bad and the others only a step above it. Asking price is $600 not including shipping which is pretty outrageous to anywhere even within Canada.

All these pictures were taken in colour and converted to black & white. Sometimes post-processing is your friend. For example here’s what ‘Antlers’ started out as:

Original version of ‘Antlers’

If you think these photos are all no good, well I’m not surprised: I can’t actually see what I’m doing anymore so every step from the initial composition to the finish product is largely guesswork.