Lake? What lake?

Today has been full of surprises, and all before 10:00 AM. First of all it was very cold last night; some spots around the area hit freezing. Second I awoke to the lake being shrouded in fog. I took some pictures. After that it went downhill.

See how you can’t see the lake? A little enhancement helps:

When I first went to write this I was horrified by finding WordPress had suddenly shoved their terrible “Block Editor” on to everyone. Having spent a lifetime dealing with badly designed and broken things, I recognize ‘Edsels’ right away. The Block Editor is an Edsel.

At any rate, I was planning my day around slicing up some rounds of wood, putting them in the trailer, and hauling them home. This would be followed by making all the preparations to at last be able to bring wife and pets out to the cabin for their first stay since 2017.

Then the really bad news came.

Our neighbour had an accident while riding her horse. I don’t know the details beyond fractured skull and spine injury. Needless to say she’s in critical condition, has been airlifted to the nearest major hospital and we await further news. Meanwhile her husband is beside himself with worry, as you might expect. I remember exactly what it’s like from when my wife had her first car accident in 2009.

So at the moment we are on hold. If/when he is allowed to go see her he’ll need someone to look after their animals. Thus there is no point in moving out household here only to send Brenda back. We’ll just wait and see. There is no chance that the prognosis will be “full recovery” given the nature of the injuries.

This picture I’m dedicating to her, even though she may never see it.

It’s a beaver. A Canadian icon.