Something for Saturday

There’s this fellow named Chuck Miller who writes about stuff and posts photos, and every weekend he puts up a list of various blogs he follows. For some inexplicable reason my deteriorating blog is among those listed. As such I like to have something decent for that link to be to rather than my usual blurred images and drivel. After all I don’t want to be responsible for dragging down the quality of Chuck’s postings. This week my own have been a bit dreadful, so here some pictures somewhat more enjoyable (I think) to keep the standards up.

I see you there.

This was a particularly large bear who stopped by at the lake a while back. In general bears are not a problem, as long as you don’t threaten or challenge them (by their standards, not yours). I think this is the one who would not back down from my neighbour when they met up. Usually bears will run away from humans. Except grizzlies and polars, both of which are homicidal.

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