A buck

Mule deer buck

You never know what will wander into the yard.

Meanwhile it’s time to get back to work, despite the recent resurgence of problems.

This may not be such a good idea, even with a bottle of nitro brought along.

3 thoughts on “A buck

  1. I am reminded by your photo of the old Three Stooges routine from their film “Half-Wits’ Holiday,” where Larry tries to read a children’s book. “Oh see the little deer. Does the deer have a little doe? Yeah, two bucks!” Guaranteed to get a slap from Moe on that one.


    1. I go with the Allen’s Alley routine: “Every year come income tax time, I go deer hunting. So no matter what I owe I can always send them a couple of bucks.” There’s probably a thousand jokes like that!


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