“Artists are their own worst critics.”

Canon T100 & 40mm f2.8 lens.

So I’m going to critique one of my own photos. Notice I said “critique” as opposed to “criticize”; the latter having negative connotations rather than just an evaluative attitude.

What’s wrong with it:

1). The shadows are uneven, both from side-to-side and top-to-bottom (note the dark crescent on top). This is due to incorrect lighting placement, and I honestly couldn’t see it through the viewfinder. The scene itself doesn’t show such flaws because one’s eye automatically adjusts to any spot you’re looking at.

2). The light flares at two points on the egg; it needed more diffused lighting. Again not something I can see in the viewfinder (I am barely able to make out shapes) or notice in real life. A couple of clothes in front of the lights would probably solve the problem, but no one is paying me for this so I’m not going to re-shoot it.

3). The background is either too textured or not textured enough. As it is there is just enough to be noticeable and annoying without enough to be purposeful. A terry cloth towel would have been better, or a completely smooth piece of satin. Again not a paid shot so … (This piece was among the jewelry I shot, and I just liked how it looked.)

4). It doesn’t look enough like a potato. It’s a little like a potato, but not completely potato.

I am considering doing some posts about that most elusive aspect of photography, the one that even pros screw up habitually, composition & framing. Maybe impart my views on the subject before I’m totally unable to shoot pictures at all.

What do you think? Want to read some “how to” drivel from the guy with 50+ years experience? Or shall I just save myself some effort and refrain from annoying readers? I promise not to use potatoes as the subject if I do this.


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