Potato potato potato potato

They tell me these are potatoes.

From now on all posts will be potato. Metaphorically at least.

Anyway, the Mrs. is back so that potato is over with.

Went down to Kam to pick her up, took the little Fuji camera just in case. The ‘case’ was waiting on the flight to arrive. I walked about the countryside and took some pics, none of which turned out. Why? Because I have really bad eyesight and could not see the dial was set to ‘M’. I could not see the screen because … small LCD in bright daylight. But sure enough when I got home I had half a dozen completely blown-out pictures of nothing. C’est la vie pomme de terre. Next time I think I’ll take the Canon G11. I hate to think the little F80 will be off my ‘usable’ list owing to not being able to see to use it.

Oh the Nikon jams on every zoom now.

The next project is photographic some jewelry, something I should never have agreed to do. Why not? Because close focusing is not something I’m good at anymore. Nothing near, nothing far; nothing sharp no matter where they are. I’ve already done some preliminary shots, and the results were not encouraging.

Isn’t this fun? No, it’s not.

On a side note, the latest hi-res sat image of the lake shows it as a big frozen blob. I’m not surprised by that either, as it’s only halfway through April.


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