Sony Albinar

These pictures were taken with the Sony a6000 and the FD-mount Super Albinar 28mm f2.8 lens.

Sideways Ice
Monochrome Sunrise
Surface Ice

The camera is for sale, by the way. There’s nothing wrong with it and it is a good camera, only I have difficulties using it with my large hands and poor eyesight. I will include the Super Albinar & adaptor as well as the M42 adaptor and one of the not-so-good ‘classic’ lenses recently tested: Opticam f2.8 135mmm, Cunor f4.5 200mm, Sun f2.8 28-80mm, or Prakticar f4.5 70-210mm. Or not if you’d prefer. Frankly that Sun lens is pretty bad and the others only a step above it. Asking price is $600 not including shipping which is pretty outrageous to anywhere even within Canada.

All these pictures were taken in colour and converted to black & white. Sometimes post-processing is your friend. For example here’s what ‘Antlers’ started out as:

Original version of ‘Antlers’

If you think these photos are all no good, well I’m not surprised: I can’t actually see what I’m doing anymore so every step from the initial composition to the finish product is largely guesswork.

3 thoughts on “Sony Albinar

  1. Hi Marc, Sorry to hear that the eyesight is getting worse… those shots you took were really nice and my favourite was the monochrome sunrise, so the Sony is up for sale eh… well good luck with the sale of course, hope someone comes in for it… good price by the way… especially for such a highly rated camera that is pretty good straight out of the box so to speak… dont know if you saw it but I left you a comment on the gear down gear up posting you did… about a possible answer to the problem relating to the p610…. So by now I am hoping you can tell me that your wife got back home to you after being stuck in the UK….. hope so… So take care my friend look after yourself… br, Lynd

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    1. Lynd; I hate to say it but I am having problems reading comments. I have to increase page size 175% to make them legible. Yes using the web is getting to be a problem. Sometimes when you ‘blow up’ a page you lose certain peripheral functions – and then if shrunk back down I can’t see them.
      I’m glad you liked the pictures. There’s no telling what I’ll do for future images but I have a few ‘saved up’. Living in the middle of nowhere and being banned from ego-Bay doesn’t help! Unfortunately my wife is still stuck in England and she is ill. Not the dreaded virus but sick enough with something. I don’t know … maybe March sometime she will be able to return.
      Now where’s the button to post this? *LOL* Oh I wish it was funny.

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