Winter lingers

Well we had a spell of days where the highs were above freezing and lows below, which coats everything with fresh ice daily. Now it’s cold again, but not the frozen brass monkey cold it was. In fact the air is frozen fog, which I have discovered is impossible to reproduce on camera (so far). It is weird to look out at “white air”. Nevertheless, some images want posting.

Frosted bird seed.
Spiky spikes.
Crowned king & queen of ice.
Ghost branches.

That last one I couldn’t reproduce if I wanted to. It is serendipitous in its generation, as the camera failed to fix focus on the right spot and for some reason this eerie, x-ray like image came out instead.

These were all taken with my Nikon. There are plenty more coming up, and even more than that being discarded as it continues to mis-focus without producing intriguing phantom shots like the one above.

Other than that, our store shelves are bare, the disease is ravaging the population, idiots abound, and my wife is still trapped in England. The most frustrating part is the sheer lack of predictability to any aspect of life these days.

Oh and the highway crew plowed huge chunks of icy snow into my driveway. It’s zero Fahrenheit, and I’ve got to figure out some way of moving them so I can go out tomorrow.

Life is not fun.

2 thoughts on “Winter lingers

  1. Hi Marc, Well as you will be aware, its not much fun here at the moment in the UK….as its cold.. ( for us as its barely above freezing)… the government is in disarray… well the PM is … too much partying and breaking rules, and now it seems like Putin is about to invade Ukraine, which very few people realise is the 2nd largest country by area in Europe… and todays figures of Covid 19 infections is over 100k with 346 deaths today alone… like your end its not all “beer and skittles” as us brits say… on the plus side of things…. well the photos are really good Marc, I really like the way you have captured “winter” with these shots… the “crowned kings and queens” shot is exceptional…Hope things improve with the flight situation regarding your wifes stay being extended in the UK…and she can get back home with you soon…best regards… Lynd..

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