Low-cost lens cavalcade #6

This entry is about a lens I’ve already had one of before. (Wow; that was an awkward sentence.) Back in the good ol’ days when film was the only option I had quite a kit of Exakta cameras and lenses, including an Exakta VX500 – which was the ‘low price’ version of the VX1000 – and it had one of these lenses on it: the Meyer Domiplan 50mm f2.8.

Meyer Optik Domplan 50mm f2.8

As such I thought I knew what to expect from this M42 edition, which was “not much”. The one I had on the Exakta was not particularly great, although in fairness that was in comparison to other lenses such as a Zeiss Tessar and a Meyer Primoplan (the one lens I regret not stuffing in my pocket and bringing home with me in 2018).

This one is noticeably better than the first one I had. Hurrah for that, eh?

Full image.
Cropped segment.

Although obviously not the sharpest lens in the arsenal, it is certainly better than several of the others. But it is unspectacular. The contrast is a tad low, but the colour rendition is accurate and there’s no sign of chromatic aberration.

Oh look: spots on the sensor I just cleaned.

Over-all I’d rate it as “good”, but not “very good” – especially considering its small control rings are something of a pain to work. It is also an “automatic only” lens, meaning it won’t function properly on the Canon adaptor.

Used Car Lot.

Right now it is serving as a “body cap” for the Pentax Spotmatic as I’ve confiscated that camera’s 50mm f1.4 Super Takumar for my shooting arsenal. But with a little effort it can make a decent photo:

Straight out of the camera.
Reworked for artistic purposes.

(I’m not trying very hard with the photos because hey, it’s -35C and there’s 38cm of snow on the ground.)

In other news my wife is apparently stuck in England for a couple more weeks at least – we don’t know for sure as it is impossible to get a definitive answer about anything from anyone. She spent over 9 hours on hold with the airline one day, until she fell asleep. Other contact attempts have included her being cut off and her being hung up on. Gee, Westjet, you’re really helpful. Our government here has issued Orders, but no directions as to how they can be complied with. The province is at capacity for testing and can’t promise anything. Worst of all, everything is subject to change without notice.

They also serve who sit and wait.

But they get sick of it.

4 thoughts on “Low-cost lens cavalcade #6

  1. Hi Marc, Well firstly hope the wife is all sorted after being stuck in England…. fingers crossed it’s all a distant memory for you both…
    Now we are getting there….. hurrah for the Domiplan ….. at least the colours seem to be fairly good… they seem to be decent enough on the “used car lot” shot Marc… don’t you think….????? especially for a lens of this age… to me what’s more worrying is all this “crud” you seem to have on the sensor, doesn’t it have a “autoclean” setting where it cleans the sensor when you switch on… not saying you have to use it all the time but for a sensor you have just cleaned…. it’s actually very dirty….. I know on my lovely little Fuji xe1… I never have any of these sorts of issues, and I change lenses very very regularly…somtimes as many as 6 times in 6 shots…. please take this as a positive point and not a dig at your ability to clean the sensor …. kind regards Lynd…


    1. Hi Lynd, Things are only somewhat sorted here as the Mrs. is stuck until the 25th and who knows what may happen by then. Because of how things are over there she’s not getting much that she had planned done either, which probably means a return trip sometime.
      Yes the Domiplan is okay. Better than the first one of these I had but not quite as good as that Pentacon lens. More to come.
      I don’t know why the Sony is a dirt magnet but it may have something to do with the low humidity here; every particle of dust being charged and just waiting for something to adhere to. I can’t see if the sensor is clean because of my eyesight so the first sign I get is putting an image up on the screen. It’s a bit late by then. Right now it seems to be okay. Yes, more pictures coming.


      1. Hi Marc, Sorry for the delay in emailing but with being in Scotland the mobile internet connection is sketchy to say the very least, but sorry to here that your wife is having to jump through hoops over here with regards to getting back home… fingers crossed for you both marc…..
        You may of hit on something with regards to the charged dust explanation as I remember reading another blog about a visitor who suffered similiar issues…whilst on vacation…. I suppose one option may be to have one of those little puffer blowers around when changing over… the little grey ones from the 60’s sits in the shack here mate.. and gets used now and then … I suppose with the issue of your sight as well it is just compunding the issue for you… but hopefully things will be moving along as they should on that score as well… Oh and whilst I think about it… All the very best for 2022 Marc… really enjoyed the blog over the last year… so Happy New Year and may health, wealth and prosperity fall on your household… Kind regards.. Lynd..


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