Brief update

It’s minus forty here this morning. That’s the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Not weather conducive to anything. The only thing that runs is the furnace. In addition to the woodstove.

My wife may well be trapped in England due to increasing pandemic problems such as people getting sick and things being closed down. She didn’t manage to finish making arrangements for her poor sister for the same reasons.

One third of our kids have tested positive for the Omicron variant. Despite being fully vaccinated.

I am staying in, staying away from people, and trying to stay warm. Needless to say it is not good weather for photography. Not even inside.

Oh and the new fibre optic phone system has quit working. Just the phone, though. I don’t care, although it would be a problem if an emergency should arise.

One from the ‘archives’, then:

Icicle. (Nikon P610)

2 thoughts on “Brief update

  1. Hi Marc, So the weather is doing it’s best to keep you inside eh, well you could always knock up a test board an do those lens tests ” properly ” lol….
    We are currently in Scotland in our VW campervan not far from Glencoe and its around 8 deg C during the day and is above the dreaded zero even during the night…. so all in all very pleasing… ànd of course the scenery for us this side of the pond is to die for… especially when we live in the Midlands where there isn’t any mountains….. those shots you have put up are super Marc… see you still grab the Nikon for your first choice…oh and this covid…its a sufference for us all especially seen as we here are having in excess of 100k a day of new cases… I really do wonder where it will all end my friend… still, for you the best thing is to carry on doing more of what you are already doing, just make sure you stay warm eh…. good job you got your logs sorted ready….and make sure your beautiful doggie has a fireside position as well, take care Marc… best regards… lynd….


    1. Hi Lynd, my wife is stuck in England now – can’t even get through to the airline about her flight and no one here knows how anyone is supposed to get the re-entry testing done. She’s altering hotel plans instead. It’s a mess for sure. Not that she’d want to come back here with our super cold and another big snowfall last night!
      Are we having fun yet?


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