Red Sky At Night


Taken one evening with the Nikon P610. We won’t be having sky like that for a while now. In fact the weather is very nasty right now.

I’m trying to get my Winter wood supply in, and nothing is co-operating. Almost done but …

And then there is my upcoming surgery the details for which have not been finalized and it’s already been moved to Nov. 4th.

Other than that … I have a surprise coming up. Hopefully a pleasant one.

Addendum: in a nod to my failing eyesight I have decided to up my usual size format from 640×480/427 to 1280×960/854.

3 thoughts on “Red Sky At Night

  1. Hi Marc, Nice set of shots there fella…. especially like the last 2…but a good set never the less…. the weather is taking a turn here in the UK and you can feel that autumn is here and winter is around the corner….but thankfully we dont have to do the massive collection of wood like you over there….we just have to put up with the ever increasing gas increases.,, and a really lame government trying to tell us all not to panic, even though there is now talk of turkeys not being available for Christmas, and a whole host of other goods that are daily missing from the supermarket shelves apparently due to the lack of lorry drivers……

    Hope everything goes well with the operation…

    best regards… Lynd..


    1. Thanks! We’ve heard about the UK’s troubles with truckers even over here. Sounds like your brilliant government shot itself in the foot, and managed to hit everyone else’s as well. This will no doubt affect my wife’s upcoming necessary visit. We have occasional shortage here, but not the lorry load of problems you’ve got.


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