Bigger visitors

Mama black bear.
Baby black bears.

Taken through the window (because I’m not insane) with the Nikon P610.

Notice that they were eating the vegetation. Contrary to popular opinion, bears are not carnivores. They will attack and kill any animal they consider to be a threat, including humans. Also they will fish and scavenge.

3 thoughts on “Bigger visitors

  1. I remember seeing a recent photo in which an animal conservationist had tranquilized an adult bear that had wandered out of its normal habitat and needed to be returned to its home. While the bear was sedated, the conservationist showed a photo of that adult bear’s extended paw. Those paws are massive and deadly. People think that bears are cute would be well-advised to change their thought whenever a black bear or a brown bear enters their habitat. They’re not pets and they don’t listen well to humans.


    1. Yes indeed. Even though the black/brown bears aren’t vicious sods and will usually run from humans they are not to be trifled with. Grizzlies and polar bears are homicidal maniacs and should be avoided entirely.


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