Colour and Black & White

A few images taken with the Canon G11, demonstrating how colour sometimes gets in the way of a good picture.

Last year’s leftovers.
Remove the colour and see only shape and texture.
Strange colour for a cement truck!
In monochrome the machine’s shape is emphasized.
Engines look good in full tones.
Still look good desaturated.
Boxcar graffiti.
Graffiti becomes less evident in gray shades.

You can decide for yourself which way looks better for each picture: I’m just demonstrating the possibilities to encourage people to try it. Only seconds are needed to desaturate a colour image – or switch it back.

The train was at a siding in Williams Lake on my most recent visit to that city.

3 thoughts on “Colour and Black & White

  1. Hi Marc, I like what you have done here… very clever… and many would not of thought of taking the colours out of the picture…makes for a very interesting thought provoking step that maybe we should all try, especially like the cement truck one… where the trees and the dumpster on the left hand side suddenly become blocks of black colour… wheras on the colour one… the trees just blend in with the roofs etc…. nice work Marc and thanks for making us all think again on what to do “after” we have taken that click….. br Lynd

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