Canon 1Ds, Part II

(I hate not being able to edit a post with the classic editor; it’s create and go with no going back!)

Okay, now let’s see if this Pro-Cam can deliver a decent photo. I haven’t cleaned the sensor yet, but here we go anyway.

Canon 40mm EF lens.

Not bad, and of course sharper than the 75-300mm zoom. Let’s go for really sharp with the Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 on all manual:

Ubiquitous shed shot is sharp.

This sort of makes me want the Canon 50mm EF now, but that would be further expense and I don’t imagine I will use this camera enough for ‘standard’ shots to make it worthwhile.

Marley has found snow.

I had to ‘fix’ this one a bit as it was slightly over-exposed (f16 is the minimum aperture and at ISO 200 & 1/250 it wasn’t enough). That’s what snow will do to you.

Duncan: less snow = better exposure.

Nice, subtle colour from this camera. It’s a CMOS sensor but it comes across like CCD.

Wood is good.

At full size this image has a lot of detail. The “very low resolution” sensor (11MP) isn’t lacking no matter what the megapixel promoters insist.

Here’s a bit I found on-line regarding the original price. EGAD! Glad I didn’t pay that!

And now for something completely silly:

Fujifilm F80 vs. Canon 1Ds – the small and the large.

One fits in your shirt pocket, the other breaks your neck!

Next experiment includes trying some different lenses and resolution settings. I also hope to try an astronomy shot, as that is one of the reasons I got this monster.

So far I’m happy with it. Also it’s the only exercise equipment I own. I’m sure it’s building up my biceps.

5 thoughts on “Canon 1Ds, Part II

    1. Yes it is. I’ve just been shooting some with the resolution knocked down to low, which is about 2.7MP – you lose the main advantage of hi-res which is the ability to zoom in digitally after you take the shot!


  1. Hi Marc, Nice one… especially like the pic of the pile of wood…. it seems to bring out the best in the camera and lens… will be interesting to follow you success with the new camera… just goes to show though… that 11 MP is more than enough… never mind this new idea of a 100 MP as being the norm…. as that wood pic is loaded to the max with detail…. can’t wait to see the moon pics that will follow no doubt… hope everything is ok with you and your family, and that the 2 doggies are behaving themselves… always nice to see them in the snow… Kind regards..Lynd…


    1. Thank you.
      Camera companies really are going crazy, aren’t they? All tech numbers and little to no actual advantage to the photographer! In Mini Manual Manual I compared two APS-C DSLRs are the end, one 6MP and one 3 times that at 18MP – you can’t tell the difference once it’s shrunken down to display size.
      Just at the moment all is well here, but it’s been a little rough lately.


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