So … how was your weekend?

When things go awry. (Nikon P610)

I spent mine in hospital. Two of them, in fact. Friday it was for a CT scan at Williams Lake after the previous Sunday’s ER visit in 100 Mile. The doctors didn’t like what they saw, so Saturday I rushed down to Kamloops for emergency surgery. I am now back home and feeling fairly well, but not without some serious horror beforehand. I will spare you the gory details because they are gory. Needless to say I haven’t been doing much photography of late. In fact if it weren’t for the last pre-scheduled post there would be nothing posted here for the past week.

The worst of it is I’m not out of the woods yet. No, the worst of it is I was in a ward with a bunch of ‘elderly people’ – and found out I was the oldest one there. It’s come to that.

Seeing things differently. (Nikon P610)

Anyway it will be a while before I’m doing much of anything again, which is a shame because it’s supposed to be fairly nice weather this week. I saw a lot of things on the trips which would make good photos too, but no way could I do that under the circumstances. C’est la vie.

I had planned on writing a multi-part post about artistic photographic composition (from my perspective). Perhaps I can still get that done. Maybe get the lens cleaning papers picked up from the post office and do some polishing (I have the K100DS focusing off the ‘back button’ now, but that lens still isn’t sharp).

Mystic sign of the raven. (Nikon P610)

Got to work my way back up to semi-normal life, but for now it’s “do as little as possible” in order to avoid complications. Which, ironically, causes complications as normally I do most everything physical around here – and now I can’t.

The photos posted today are some ‘leftovers’ just to keep this post from being too boring or depressing.

As sharp as it gets, for now. (Pentax K100DS)

I have one other prepared post which I may as well schedule for soon in case I don’t get anything else done.

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