No good photos

It’s warmed up: we’re no longer in the polar death grip.

I split some wood: necessary but wearing.

Canceled Thursday’s dentist appointment: between feeling generally awful and the increased COVID risk, not worth it.

Snowing today: I’ll have to clear the driveway again before going anywhere.

Everything on hold: war is long periods of boredom between short periods of excitement.

Nothing good to take pictures of: took pictures anyway.

Icicles one.
Icicles two, colour.
Icicles two, monochrome.
Fine details.
Sagging door. (You have to look and think.)
Ice ghost.

All pictures taken with the reluctant Nikon P610. I don’t like any of them.

I had a lot more to say, but have decided against saying it.

Zur hölle mit alles.

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