Return of the Mystery Camera!

I’m going to ignore everything that’s been happening lately because most of it is depressing and just get on with this photography stuff. Which is also depressing, come to think of it, because … you’ll see.

Okay so Mystery Camera has had its sensor cleaned – to no avail. The spots are permanently etched in, I guess. Oh well. Not that those cleaning swabs are terribly effective, mind you. Even so, we make … progress? Uh, no. Not really.

In addition to the problems with the intermittent autofocus and erratic exposure, I have determined that the lens it came with is, not to put too fine a point on it, junk. It is not just soft but blurry. I know people pay money for Helios and other such Russian fuzz-master optics, but I can’t see why. This is supposed to be a good lens and maybe it was once, but even after multiple cleanings … it’s had it. I don’t know where this camera was used, but it must have been one filthy environment considering all the dirt damage it’s got.

Another way I determined the lens wasn’t any good was by trying a couple of others. For example the 35mm Super Takumar:

The Whale waits for Spring.
Obligatory test shot.

Much sharper than the equipped lens, even if I do have to compensate for the thorium yellowing. These shots were taken with the lens held in place by hand, as the M42-PK adapter still hasn’t shown up! (Aha! Another clue to Mystery Camera’s identity!) Fortunately I was able to secure a different lens in its native mount (albeit for earlier film cameras) which produced a ‘second opinion’ so to speak:

Marley stalking.
The best picture this camera has produced so far.

So what will I do with this camera? It isn’t very good for using and not worth enough to bother selling. I’m certainly not going to invest in more glass for it, although I’m likely to adapt this one PK lens (more about it in future posts) to the Canon instead.

The wild rose shot. You can see the sensor flaws.
Two ravens in flight. Again you can see the sensor flaws.

Anyway, have you guessed what the camera is yet? There have been clues enough to at least get the make, so I’ll add one for the model: it’s 6MP.

Addendum: I’ve updated my cameras I use page to include the Olympus E-410 (and demote the Kodak P850), but have not yet added the Mystery Camera – which may never make the cut.

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