More (medical) Monday?

Latest guess: Inclusion Body Myositis. Not that it matters as there is no treatment beyond “adapt”. Yeah I’ll just change everything about my life because I can so afford to do that.

It’s real. Make sure your battery is fulling, okay?

I “missed out” on an Ebay purchase when the seller did a ‘sock puppet’ bid – and got stuck with it. There was an immediate “second chance offer” – which I am ignoring. Eat it. I’m not happy about the number of crooks on there.

Hand-held test shot: the lens is not sharp.

Another purchase didn’t work out so well when the lens which was supposed to be PK turned out to be CY and the seller is offering all of $10 for his error. It would cost him 3X that for the return shipping to honour the refund. I can see that’s not going to go well either.

Another hand-held shot; very ‘filmy’.

I’m so tired today I’d rather be dead. Sleep was interrupted despite extra medication and this was on top of having to split wood. Something has to give, preferably not my knees.

Tomorrow had better be better. Oh no, it won’t be: I have to go to town.



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