That old devil snow

As I write this the temperature is just on the freezing mark and what is known as “mixed precipitation” is falling outside. On top of the 2″ of snow we got last night, which is on the 2″ of compressed ice pack underneath. Outdoors is dangerous right now.

When it snows it snows.
Underneath it all.

I’m waiting for things to arrive via post, but they are not due until next week at the earliest. At this time of year it could be much later.

It Came In The Mail.
The moon drips ice.

In the mean time there’s nothing for me to do. Except wait and get through each day as best I can.

This dog waits too.
I’m out of here!

Pictures taken with Kodak P850, Canon T100, Nikon P610, and Fuji F80.

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