We had some more snow

They put out a snowfall warning of a possible 10 cm on Friday. It was issued when there was already 7 cm on the ground so a pretty safe bet. On Saturday I cleared the driveway because, you’ll laugh, it was going to go above freezing for highs on the weekend. But that’s okay because (hold on to your sides) more snow is expected Monday! Another (wait for it) 10 cm. This to be followed by highs above freezing then … Do you see what’s going on here? It would be hilarious if we didn’t have to cope with it.

Anyway, some pictures from the snowfall.

Snow on the rose. (Kodak P850)
Snow on everything. (Kodak P850)
Help! The moon’s stuck in a tree! (Nikon P610)
Marley says she’s had enough snow. (Nikon P610)

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