Sunday Surprises

Today we’ll test a brand new theory that sitting down for a few minutes in a comfortable chair can rest your legs.

Testing the theory.

That comes from an old Monty Python skit. I don’t know where that chair (actually looks like the end piece of a sectional) came from but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it after spotting it sitting incongruously beside the road. Probably fell off someone’s truck. I hope it was on the way to the dump and not something lost that was meant to be kept.
Saturday was amazingly free of precipitation so I went out to the cabin to get more wood. Wasted time dragging a fir out of the forest, then dropped a dead 80′ lodgepole pine which will fill the trailer twice. I now feel like I’ve been run over by a steamroller. Yes, I know; they haven’t been steam powered for a century. Still …

Laneway to the cabin.

Awoke Sunday morning to no Internet and 2 inches of snow. This is the first time the forecast has been right in weeks I think. Figures it would be right this way. I have nothing in plans for today so …

Snow is suddenly everywhere.

One of the things I was thinking of writing/doing as a photo project was about cameras and how they fit with what you do. Specifically around Camera Decision and how their evaluations are something to be taken with a grain of salt. Up pops Eric L. Woods in my feed with a similar commentary. Gotta love that man’s style and humour. I may do the other things anyway as there is always the personal aspect to be considered – and the revelation of my ‘master plan’.
I’m writing this post differently to see if it works any better. Probably it won’t, but what is is. If it fails it just further points out the mistake WordPress has made with their editor switch.

She dreams of the great outdoors.

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