The WordPress Trick (they hid it well)

With a huge number of people posting complaints about the “Block Editor” (“Blockhead’s Editor”) in their blogs you’d think WordPress would take the hint, since it’s being applied with a 56 lb. post maul. But that remains to be seen. What has been seen is that even the people who manage to use it don’t like it much. It violates the basic engineering principal of “K.I.S.S.”: Keep It Simple, Stupid.
What also is evident as that some people have found the secret passageway to Classic Editor. After reading many blogs about this I noticed it doesn’t seem to be in the same place for everyone. Aha! Another page of How Not To Do It programming from the Facebook manual on making a mess of your web site.
And when we find it, it’s not quite the same as before. But will it do? Will it work?
Here’s how I managed to locate it:
1). Go to “My Site”, find “WP Admin” on the left and click that.
2). (This is the tricky bit) Select “Posts” and “All Posts” (do not select “Add New” here).
3). You get a screen which has “Posts” and a blue “Add New” after it with a drop-down arrow which if selected gives you the editor options. Vis:

Secret link to Classic Editor.

Now your actual experience may vary, and it could be this only still exists because they forgot to take it out. There were two other links to the Classic Editor before, one with the Blockhead’s Editor which never functioned for me and the other under “New Post” in the Admin section which has since disappeared.
Will this one remain? Will they foul it up even more? They certainly have done a fine job of alienating users with this “upgrade”. Why did they do it? I suspect it’s a plot to get free users to pony up for the ‘commercial’ version which allows the Classic Editor download. Something like that anyway.
Whether incompetence or greed is behind it, they are bastards for doing it.

3 thoughts on “The WordPress Trick (they hid it well)

  1. I just went looking from my end, and I still have the drop-down which allows me to select the classic editor. I just read you follow-on where it’s gone for you, but as of today (4 October) I can still get to it.

    The problem is that the so-called block editor takes away so much with regards to functionality. The editor might not be perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than the newer block editor. I think the reason they’re going with the block editor on the website is because it’s the same editor in the WordPress app for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. I don’t use any of them for post creation because the editor is so horrible and counter-intuitive as well as limited, just like the website version block editor. If I do anything for long form writing, I use Ulysses for all my writing and then push that up to WordPress, where I finish up and post from there.

    The biggest issue for the block editor (and Ulysses, which is even worse) is the handling of image/picture insertion. Old-style WordPress editor does it just fine. Everything else is a horror, with Ulysses at the bottom of the list. But Ulysses shines for me when it comes to long-form writing, which is why I use it. For me, it’s the best tool out there for writing.

    Anyway, let me know where you land. I don want to keep up with your goings on.

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    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head: the old editor was better for putting up images and adding a bit of text; the kind of simple format I used for sharing pictures. The new one may be better for writers, or people who are obsessed with fonts and formats, but it is difficult to use and not accommodating to those who want something simple and straight-forward. Plus the Classic Editor looked like just about every word processing program we’ve used for the past couple of decades so there was virtually no learning curve.


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