(The title comes from the name of Eastman Kodak’s long-time periodical.)

So after wearing myself out harvesting wood and dragging in the remaining two dock sections, I took some time to take some pictures using the venerable Kodak P850. Perhaps I should make that “vulnerable” because the ol’ Kodak is losing its abilities. Worse than the Nikon. In fact the shutter never triggers on the first press now, instead it ‘resets’ the camera – sometimes more than once – and I have to fiddle with it to get a shot. Also the settings are ‘set’, as the erratic functioning extends to all the other controls. It took me ages to get it off “EV+3”, and ISO is hopelessly fixed at 100.

With the Nikon failing, the Kodak failing, and the Lumix just plain no good it looks like I will soon be down to a mere two cameras: the Canon T100 and the Fuji EXR. I have found a deal on a used Sony HX350 and am seriously considering it. But if I buy it and it turns out to be another disappointment – I don’t think either my wallet or my psyche could stand it.

(Also note that WordPress is messed up again and won’t let me write any text after a picture has been added.)

After much finagling, here are the results.

Chainsaw dust. I’ve been making quite a lot of it.
A View to a Logging.
The Fungus of the Opera.
Butterfly warming itself on the beach.
This is why I like the camera: the colour renditions are terrific.
Darkness descends.


4 thoughts on “Kodakery

  1. Would you be interested in owning my Kodak Z730? Review here: https://blog.jimgrey.net/2009/10/26/kodak-easyshare-z730/

    It doesn’t have the long zoom of your P850 — 33-132 mm equiv., but at least it’s a good Schneider-Kreuznach lens.

    I shoot it only once every couple years. If you think you’d get more use than that I’d be happy to send it off to you, gratis, with manual, charger, two batteries, and some cables. Only thing wrong with it is that the clip that holds the battery in is broken. Opening the battery door therefore releases the battery and therefore resets the date.


    1. I thank you for the offer Jim, but at this point I’m leaning towards just moving on and leaving the Kodaks behind. Besides importing things into this country can be a really expensive venture! I constantly check the point of origin of anything I’m considering buying so there won’t be any surprises when it shows up. My Dad sent me a camera once as a gift and despite that our Gov’t wanted $$$ to let me have it!
      Right now I’m considering a Sony to take over for the Nikon which is also failing. I guess it’s a good thing that I actually wear out cameras.


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