Well I was going to write a nice little piece with some interesting pictures in it, but WORDPRESS has changed format to something unusable and ugly. If I can’t figure out how to get a PROPER interface back, I’m done with this web site. This is the same stupid thing FACEBOOK does: change for the sake of change, never for actual improvement.

Screw this.

2 thoughts on “WHAT THE HELL?

  1. First off, I empathize with your extreme frustration. The new editor that WordPress is pushing isn’t intuitive (at all) for me, either.

    The good news is that there’s a workaround to use the old, classic editor (and it sounds like the powers-that-be intend to leave it alone), it just required a very minor change in how I moved around on my WP dashboard. I won’t do any explaining lest I cause needless confusion and besides that you may have already figured it out by the time you read this.


    1. Not just not intuitive but counter-intuitive! They don’t even use proper language to describe functions. I’ve spent a long lifetime analyzing broken things, and this looks like something that would have been dumped on my desk for repair!
      I found the work-around. If they buried it any deeper you’d have to be an archaeologist to get to it. If it proves to be too much of a hassle to use, I won’t bother.
      Having spent over 50 years correcting flawed designs I’d hoped by now people would think things through before they go ahead and make changes but … obviously not.
      Thanks for your support.


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