I go, I come back

It’s been a week of the weather forecasters being wrong every day. They’re so good at that. It now appears that their guessing “sunny and warm” is finally coming true (at least for a while), but the past week has been wet and cool. It interfered greatly with the work because solar panels don’t produce power without sun and paint doesn’t dry when it’s cool and damp. I managed to do things, but my Wednesday deadline came and went without success. Still, nearly there.

Sunset at the lake

The ol’ infirmity, whatever-the-hell-it-is, returned causing me to lose sleep and be even more tired than usual. I wondered how long I was going to get away with running on adrenaline. I tell you, waking up with your hands clenched so tight the pain goes up to your elbows is not fun. I’ve had to take more muscle relaxant, which leaves me “hung over” the next day.

The loon doesn’t mind the rain. I love the way the water looks in this picture.

The other visitors I had been threatened with didn’t come, so that worked out okay. You really can not get things done with people in the way. They aren’t/don’t help. Even if they were/did, some jobs just don’t go faster with more people working on them. Anyway I finished the stove platform:

It doesn’t look as good in person, but it doesn’t need to be any better.

I went back to town Friday and returned Saturday and have almost got the bedroom completed. That is to say as completed as it needs to be. This is a house: nothing is ever finished with a house. You just keep working on them.

The dark baseboard was definitely the way to go.
The brown works better with the logs than white would.

The visitors I did get were welcome:

Yes, Mama Deer and her growing children

Today, Sunday, I will tackle many more tasks, with an aim towards getting the Mrs. out here by the end of the week for her first stay since we were stuck here during the wildfires of 2017.

After that … more work.


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