To be brief

Some bad things happened quite suddenly around here. Not catastrophic (at least not yet), but bad. This morning I have no idea how to proceed with anything. So let’s look at some pictures instead.

Shooting around the yard with the Canon T100 and 55-250mm Canon lens, as I ‘practice’ for when the Nikon fails completely.

Turkey vulture overhead. An omen? Notice how fuzzy the lens is. The Nikon would have this sharp and closer.
Bee drenched in pollen. Again not sharp and the exposure is questionable.
Exaggerated clouds
Documentation: I finally replaced the wiring and lights on the utility trailer. I’ve had the kit for more than ten years. I don’t do things quickly.
Junco feather. Again it would be sharper with the Nikon. When you go to 100% on the original image you see it’s in focus, just ‘soft’. The Canon lenses do not perform.
Albino Raven Moth. Or something. This creature is very tiny: the image is about 10x actual size. Again not sharp.

Anyway the kids have gone home, I haven’t finished the shed roof, and I’ve got to go back to work on the cabin. Someone invited the younger lot up to stay too. Also the Nissan has thrown up a new fault: high oil pressure (possibly the sensor or gauge has failed, possibly the pressure relief valve is stuck). If that fails I could well be stranded out in the middle of nowhere. It’s a long walk to civilization from anywhere along that road. No money to replace the vehicle either, even if there was something available to replace it with.

We live in interesting times, which I’m sure you know is an ancient Chinese curse.

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