Something for Sunday

I just read something very funny: “35mm is the only lens you’ll ever need”.

Sure, if you have an extremely limited photographic repertoire and don’t care to explore possibilities. Any way you look at it, that is a seriously idiotic statement.

Anyway it’s a pretty nice day and I’ve got some work planned so here’s some photos snapped with the easy-to-take-along Fuji F80 EXR. Enjoy.

The new deck being built by the Comedy Team of Chris & Chris.
The Fuji F80 EXR camera is not meant for close-ups!
The wood stove in place at last, but not yet finished.
The Fuji automatically shifts into close-focus mode. Don’t you wish your DSLR did that?
Who to blame? The person who reefed on the knob or the company that thought plastic is sturdy?
The moon on a stick; that’s how it stays in the sky.



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