Impossible mission accomplished

I said I would have the cabin usable by the time the kids got here on July 29th. I did it.


While waiting for them to arrive I finished grouting the dais for the wood stove – and promptly forgot to take a picture of it. Then I helped them settle in, explained about running the various systems (the rules of which have changed due to incorporating the drains and enlarging the battery bank). They went to work getting beds set up and sorting things out. It was a late night.

The funny thing is, we had been talking about how there were no signs of mice in the cabin lately. One of their cats took this as a hint and promptly brought a live mouse in through the pet door. Must have thought we wanted one or something.

Friday I packed up my stuff and came home, right into getting some other things ready for them to use out there. Haven’t rested yet, but it’s bound to happen some day. Now to get re-organized and re-oriented.


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