I’ll be looking at the moon …

Taken with Nikon P610 at ISO 6400
Taken with Canon T100 at ISO 6400

In a rare moment of no rain, the full moon (at 3:30 AM). When cranked up to ISO 6400 the Nikon presents images that look like oil paintings. The Canon fairs better due to its larger sensor. Further proof that those high ISO claims are just numbers, not anything you should count on.

Nice though the pictures are, none are as beautiful as the scene actually appeared.

3 thoughts on “I’ll be looking at the moon …

    1. To do a really good job of it you need to spend massive amounts of money and get a full frame DSLR with about 50 MP, and even then you need a tripod and slow exposure and patience and careful processing. It was the same in film days. The combination of pitch black night sky and almost daylight bright lunar orb is difficult for any camera to handle.

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