Who’ll stop the rain?

It’s been damp. In fact the last day that didn’t rain was a week ago Monday. Even then it rained that night. One day this past week it hailed. This is causing some problems:

The front lawn does not normally have a foot of water on it

The precipitation comes with cool temperatures too, so I’m going through propane for the furnace as well as gasoline for the generator due to the lack of sunshine for the solar panels. Less than ideal conditions you might say.

The driveway: I may need an amphibious vehicle soon

Needless to say I haven’t had many picture-taking opportunities. I suppose that keeps me concentrated on work, but a break would be nice now and then.

Batbird! A pine siskin perched on the batatorium

There’s a little too much pressure on to get this job done, and the weather hasn’t been helping at all. I get stiff and sore just from that, never mind the work. I keep hearing about hiring someone, but I have enough problems leftover from the last contractor who worked on this place. I don’t mean to be egotistical but frankly I’m better at this sort of thing than any contractor I’ve ever seen since I was 16. It probably makes a difference if it’s your place and you therefor have a vested interest in the place. Also you get to decide the fine details of what is acceptable quality and what is not.

One of the contractor’s mistakes: there should not be a gap between the door and sill

That whole door installation is a mess: the door wood is split, they left screws out of the hinges, the ones they put in are crooked, the striker plates are set wrong, and the gap between the weatherstripping and sill is absurd. Yes I really could do better when I was 16.

One thing the rain hasn’t washed away is the mosquito population. They are swarming and that’s driving me crazy. Especially when they start buzzing me after I’ve gone to bed and turned the light out. They wait for it I’m sure, just to be extra annoying.

It’s a problem. I’m too old for this kind of work and my eyesight isn’t good enough anymore. Yet I still do a better job of it. That’s a sad commentary on contractors today. Just what have I been doing? This:

Sink back in place with new feed and drain lines

The Nikon continues to get worse. It’s focusing about as well as my eyes do. Now it’s no longer just close-ups that fail, but random normal shots as well. It says there’s a focus lock, and then delivers a blurred picture. I sometimes have to take shots over (the one above for example), and that’s no good for wildlife and not acceptable for anything else. The Canon works of course, but it doesn’t have that fantastic zoom capacity.

The loon is happy at least

I’m very tired as I write this, and fairly worn out as well. Technically this job is two years behind already because of all the unforeseen events that got in the way. All things considered it’s a wonder it’s getting done at all.


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