Eventful two days

It would be nice if the events were all pleasant and consisted mainly of taking nice pictures of wildlife or something. But no. The events were about nipping back home to resupply and returning to work.

Starting with Wednesday and waiting for the rain to stop, or more accurately for the generator to finish recharging the batteries because there wasn’t any sun to do it. I loaded up what I needed to take back, and got soaked in the process. Once underway it stopped raining (of course) and a nice, sunny afternoon was spent running errands. That’s a lot of traveling for one day, and I felt it.

The second obstacle of the day was being met with this right at the chain gate:

Tree down

Yes that’s a tree down across the road. This is why I always carry a chainsaw. Luckily it wasn’t a big one (although quite tall) and three slices took care of it.

How much did it rain? On my way out part of the road collapsed from under me and tried to tip the Xterra over into the ditch. Suddenly finding yourself tilted at near 45 degrees while moving at 50 KPH is an experience I don’t recommend. But the vehicle is good and a quick twitch of the wheel got me back on what passes for solid road. That road needs serious repair. Again.

The town trip errands were the usual long time to get only some of the list. They had blocked off all the entrances to one of the shopping plazas, apparently trapping people in the parking lot from what I could see, while they did some repaving. Oh yes; all the roads in town are badly broken up and needing repair too. It was a harsh winter for roads. Anyway, skipped two stores there completely.

Thursday was run around and get ready to come back out here and work. Yes, a sunny morning wasted in travel. Along the way I noticed several red “SOLD” tags put up, right out to and on Marsik Road, which is a little disconcerting. They seem to be marking the route out to the property next door which has just been sold. What’s the point? Didn’t the people go and look at it before they bought? These days you can never tell.

I did encounter two trucks along the way, past the last vestige of civilization. First one was a Ford, and then several kilometers on a Chevy. Both driving slowly and carefully as though lost or looking for something. Like red “SOLD” signs perhaps? Also they were “pretty” trucks, not at all suited to grinding down unmaintained gravel roads at any speed. I passed each in turn, and wondered what they would do when they got to where the trees are blown down on the road. Maybe they gave up and went home. If you don’t know how to handle it, you shouldn’t be out here; this is not a safe place to be and I don’t mean because of the wild animals.

It was still before noon and bright and sunny when I got back, put things away, and got to work again. I managed quite a bit in the afternoon; primed the kitchen window frame and built a frame for under the kitchen cabinet as well as a few other, little chores.

Kitchen window

Last night it all went wahoonie-shaped as the mosquitoes got up after I’d gone to bed. They kept me awake ’til midnight with their antics and my swatting. Now this morning it is cool and rainy – and I’m still killing mosquitoes. Probably have to fire up the furnace (after needing the A/C yesterday) and the generator because there’s no sun.

What will I get done today? That’s a very good question.

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