Progress report

Not much happening on the photography front here. I’m always either working or it’s raining or both. So I take pictures of the work:

The digging is now done. This allows me to put the drain lines in and replace the sub-floor and … well get on with everything else. This was the slowest and by far hardest part of the project. Over 60 wheelbarrows full of dirt, sand, gravel, and rocks pulled out from underneath a 400 ton building. No wonder you can’t pay people to do this sort of thing!

In the meantime, here’s a couple of moth pictures and nothing else is flying around here except mosquitoes.

Colour Moth
Monochrome Moth

Next up is repairing some floor under the sink cabinet, for which I need these boards:


I’ve got about a month to get this place inhabitable again. Think I can do it?


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